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Are you looking for an FPS game with a zombie theme? Zombie Horde Mod is an option that you should not miss. This game will bring you exciting shooting battles in the first person. Just a few simple steps for you to master this battle. But you need to be strategic in forming squads and upgrading. There are dozens of heroes waiting for you to recruit into the anti-zombie squad. Each person possesses a unique set of skills and is suitable for each position on the battlefield. Discover them and unlock the right weapons to create your suicide squad.

Download Zombie Horde Mod – FPS war against zombies in the apocalypse

This game will delight you with its fast-paced FPS gameplay. This gameplay is also integrated with the extremely hot theme – the apocalypse. From there, the game offers story-driven battles. In this story, you play the commander of an anti-zombie squad. Your mission is to kill all the zombies on the street to save humanity. This is a long mission with dozens of levels. Start your battle as soon as possible to gain an advantage.


Multiple modes available

You will find in this game quite a few modes. The most popular mode is Campaign. This model is designed according to the original story, including more than 50 levels corresponding to more than 50 combat missions. These missions will take you through the journey of survival with zombies. It’s a chance to practice your skills and strategies. Besides, the game also has other modes, such as:

  • Raids: unlocked when you complete level 9.
  • Dark Zone: unlocked after level 14 is completed.
  • Arena: an arena for multiplayer. You have access to this mode after level 18.
  • Daily Ops: unlocked after level 25.
  • Versus
  • Events

Each mode has its own missions that come with an attractive reward system. In particular, some modes allow you to compete with your friends online. You can also ally with friends to participate in Alliance events like boss fights. Many hot rewards are waiting for you at these exciting events. Moreover, you will get promotion points if you win.


Enjoy the addictive shooting mechanics

In terms of gameplay, Zombie Horde Mod is a classic FPS game. Accordingly, you will have great shooting wars from an intuitive first-person perspective. Enemies will constantly move toward you, and your job is to aim accurately to destroy them all. In some missions, you need to rescue other survivors. Then, get used to the sniper rifle and finish the enemy with only 1 bullet. The mission system in this game is really diverse. Rest assured that you always have something new at each level.

Besides shooting skills, you also need to know some special skills of the hero. Each hero in this game possesses different skills. It can be ballistic shooting, grenade throwing, or healing, … Each skill will have a certain cooldown. You need to consider this before using it. To use each character’s skill, click on the corresponding card on the screen. Combining skills with shooting speed will work to your advantage. But remember, the enemy won’t wait for you to hesitate.


Recruit heroes for your team

This game owns a collection of more than 60 heroes with their own stories and skills. This hero system is divided into several classes. Each hero class will possess certain advantages. During the war, you have the right to recruit any 3 heroes into the squad. Next, you can choose someone to be the commander and have full control over this character. Each hero with its own skills will give you many interesting options. So which style do you prefer, high damage, good defense, or fast speed?


Exciting shooting effects

The battles in the game will give you endless excitement. That’s thanks to the effects and sounds emitted from gunfire, and explosions, … Besides, the images in the game are well-designed and realistic. Zombie’s appearance is very diverse, each type has its own attack effect. The hero system is equally diverse. Each hero will have a skill set with unique effects. In addition, the battlefield context will change flexibly through levels, bringing endless freshness.

All in all, Zombie Horde Mod is an FPS game that cannot be missed. You will find the most eye-catching shooting battles here. Your enemies are hordes of hideous zombies invading the city. What you have are heroes and a collection of cool weapons. Use them to fight zombies and become the city’s savior. A variety of rewards are waiting for you to discover.

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