World War Heroes Mod APK 1.35.0 (Menu, One Hit Kill, Godmode, Ammo) Download

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Is an action game of the publisher MADFINGER brought to players. It is stirring up the game market around the world. With many different modes, each mode has a different play style. World War Heroes Mod has let you play as a captain, commanding his army to fight. In battle, whoever destroys the most enemies will be honored. And the winning team will gain experience points. The game is a battle between two opposing factions. Competing for territory between the two factions led to the World War Heroes wars. If you are a true fan of action games, you must not miss this game.

Download World War Heroes Mod – Play as a soldier to join the battle

World War Heroes throws you into the battlefield with drama and fierceness. Between the boundary between life and death is very close, forcing the player to choose. Become a hero in everyone’s hearts when you do your best with the fierce battle to win. Or become a criminal ingrained in everyone, that very short boundary depends on your thinking. It is because of the fierceness and drama that should be, as a player, we must not be negligent in any situation. Vigilance is at the highest level, as long as you lose the scene for 1 second, you can leave it and stay on the battlefield. You should invite more relatives to play because the game has a team mode. Form a team to fight to bring back fame. You can also play stick war legacy with classic wars.


Player mode

The publisher of World War Heroes Mod equips its game with up to 6 modes, players can freely experience each mode so as not to get bored while playing. There are also 7 battle zones for you.

Mode 1: is a team battle mode that helps players to be more confident when participating in battle because there are teammates next to them. The mode also allows players to invite more friends to fight.

Mode 2: is a survival mode where you only have one life, players must really pay attention to keep their own lives. Do your best to be the last one left alive.

Mode 3: is a bombing mode like other games, players have the choice to play the role of a bomber or a bomb defuser. Each role-playing gives us an interesting feeling when placing a bomb and then defusing a bomb.

Mode 4: is a mode where players can customize their own settings, in a special style such as creating rooms and inviting teammates to join the fight. For gamers who want to be different.

Mode 5: is a defensive mode that puts you in a position to focus on defending your lead. In addition, you must be really smart to control your troops to fight.

World-War-Heroes mod


As an action game with very fast combat details in a short time, it has been equipped with 3D graphics to bring high-quality images. Creating sparks from guns, explosive bomb images are really beautiful that 3D graphics bring. Bringing players the most unique and sharp entertainment moments. Support on all operating systems like android and ios and others. With the maximum support of features, absolute security of player information. You should experience the game to see the success of the author.

World-War-Heroes mod apk

Attractive gameplay

World War Heroes Mod has fairly easy gameplay for new players, entering the game will have a feature to help you get used to the features. There is a mode for you to practice to become a hero to save the world. The function keys are designed for the convenience of gamers. Also supported for players a mini-map on the screen, to easily observe the path and see teammates. From there, it helps players have a smart view to come up with a suitable battle plan to win.

game World-War-Heroes

Advanced Weapons

As for the weapon, which is updated to the most advanced gun versions, you can upgrade it even more. New to the game, players are given normal guns such as M4A1, pistols, and many other guns. If you want a powerful gun and lots of bullets, you must accumulate old players to get chests and gold coins. And from there upgrade the gun to the highest level, the strongest to go to battle. Gun models available in the store such as M4A1, Ak47, AN 94, Thomson, MG24, MP5, Sniper have M700, AWM 46, Barret M82A1, they have origin from USA, UK, Germany, Soviet Union. The above gun models are constantly updated and upgraded. Serving players brings many interesting things.

game World-War-Heroes mod


With World War Heroes Mod you need to complete tasks every day to gain more experience and be rewarded with money. Those things are used to upgrade guns, buy more magazines. Once you have completed the task, go practice to improve your skills. Crossbow battles are everywhere and unpredictable so you have to be highly skilled. Be a smart player choosing the right side to win. Experience the game to know more.

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