World War 2: Battle Combat Mod APK 3.53 (Menu, Radar Enemies)

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Set in world war 2, World War 2: Battle Combat Mod helps you play the role of a soldier. Use equipped weapons, along with some accessories to join the fight. With the task of combining with teammates, destroy the opposition to win. End the battle with outstanding achievements and receive the noble honor of a soldier. The game is an action game, with top-notch FPS shooting gameplay. Requires the player’s smart strategy in each battle. Promote teamwork with cooperation, support each other in the battle. A series of campaigns for you to participate in, overcoming challenges, in turn, will give you a rich combat experience. Kill all enemies to become a great shooter.

Download World War 2: Battle Combat Mod  – Experience Dramatic Wars During World War II

The war of World War 2: Battle Combat Mod takes place in real-time. With the maximum appearance of up to 10 people in a game screen, divided into 2 factions. During the battle, the character after being defeated will be resurrected after a certain amount of time. From there, the defeated person can continue to participate in the battle until the end of time. Your task is to combine with your teammates, together with them to create a suitable strategy in each battle. Because your enemies are top shooters, they also know how to coordinate with their teammates. So you need to be very careful in all situations. Besides, observation and reflexes skills are one of the factors that help you defeat the enemy. Going through each battle, you need to improve your skills to face stronger enemies.Download World War 2 Mod

Come up with a suitable strategy, apply personal skills

In World War 2: Battle Combat Mod strategy and skills are one of the important factors that directly determine the outcome of the battle. Therefore, you need to look at the map before you act, identify dangerous roads and locations. Also, divide the moving path to cover the map. The battle is extremely dramatic and tense, just a small mistake will cost you your life. Move flexibly and skillfully through each ruined wall. At the same time, you can take advantage of the terrain to make cannon fodder. Aim accurately to defeat the enemy and win.Game World War 2 Mod

6 exciting game modes

Game developer Edkon Games GmbH offers players 6 exciting modes. Includes Bomb, Arms Race, Knives only, Free for All, Team Deathmatch, and Capture point. Each mode of World War 2: Battle Combat Mod brings an interesting experience, helping you to enjoy the battles in different ways. Along with that, there are many attractive rewards waiting for you to discover. You can challenge yourself to bypass every mode of the game. Show your fighting skills and enjoy the feeling of clearing the game.Tai World War 2 Mod

5 battle zones

The map in World War 2: Battle Combat Mod is inspired by historical events about the second world war. With 5 unique battlefield areas, along with the ruined background, creating a very realistic arena. Each area is recreated after the war, making you feel like you are fighting in a real war. The angles are constantly changing, but they still have one thing in common about that area. For example, in the battle in the city, you can move everywhere in the ruined buildings. Or on the wide streets, but everything is still faithfully reproduced of that city map.

Equip Weapons

World War 2 Mod owns a lot of weapons and equipment for you to explore. Using guns will help you attack enemies easily with high damage. At the same time, you can carry a knife so you can attack the enemy directly from behind or when you run out of ammo. Besides, you can equip accessories such as costumes, first aid boxes, grenades to use when needed. Each piece of equipment has different roles and characteristics. For example, the first aid box will help you recover a certain amount of health. Or grenades will help you defeat enemies in hidden corners that cannot use guns to attack.World War 2 Mod

Not to disappoint players, World War 2: Battle Combat Mod allows you to create your own team. You can invite your friends to join and participate in exciting PvP battles. Here, you get to fight other online players. Compete with them by showing off your shooting skills and strategy. Killing enemies and winning will help you get on the leaderboard. At the same time, you can through the battle to complete the required mission. From there, you will receive countless valuable rewards, along with attractive bonuses. And become a great shooter, with a glorious feat.

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