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The simulation game World Truck Driving Simulator Mod revolves around the theme of truck driving. Join the game, you will play the role of a driver. Have the task of operating a truck carrying goods to the required location. Here, the publisher Dynamic Games Ltda offers a wide range of features. To give every player the most realistic truck driving experience. From graphics, to sound quality. Environmental conditions, viewing angles in different styles. Moreover, you can also explore many different locations on the large map. It is even possible to share with friends the information about the truck driver. Not stopping there, is the system of diverse tasks. With so many different jobs to do, not just truck driving duties.

Download World Truck Driving Simulator Mod – Become a Trucker To Transport Goods

Before performing the job of a driver in World Truck Driving Simulator Mod. You will be provided with a truck to start your career. You can customize the exterior paint color according to your own style. For example, some paint colors such as black, white, red, yellow, blue, green,… At the same time, you can customize the gloss of the car. Especially, all customizations are free to use. You can design your truck freely. For example, customizing the windshield on the cabin compartment. Custom detailed car exterior parts. Moreover, the game also allows customizing the sound system. Includes engine sound, horn sound, and car brake sound. Sound when the car is running at 500 RPM or 1500 RPM. Or the sound when starting to explode or when turning off the engine of a truck.World Truck Driving Simulator Mod

Diversified truck system

To increase the experience, give every player the opportunity to drive many different trucks. World Truck Driving Simulator Mod provides a diverse vehicle system. They are all designed based on real-life trucks. Including cars of famous brands in the world. Typically, tractors from the US, Sweden, … Or trucks carrying goods with attached frames. Their performance is shown through parameters. Including horsepower, maximum torque NM, maximum torque RPM, the gear ratio, and weight. Even modern trucks feature ABS brakes. However, to own a favorite truck. You need to use the money to buy. By accumulating bonuses received after completing cargo missions.Tai World Truck Driving Simulator Mod

Realistic map simulation

The map of the World Truck Driving Simulator Mod is simulated in some cities around the world. Day and night environments are changed over time. Weather conditions sunny, and rainy will change based on each location you drive to. Moreover, on the map of cities. The traffic system is simulated very detailedly and realistic. Recreate construction works such as buildings, companies, and factories. The system of built routes is very realistic. Or toll stations, petrol stations, taxi stations, and weighing stations. To add to the realism, there is also the appearance of passing vehicles. Operate a heavy-duty cargo truck behind. You will have to be very careful and drive safely on the road. Because there will be many dangerous situations that can happen.Download World Truck Driving Simulator Mod

Cargo delivery duties

The gameplay of the World Truck Driving Simulator Mod is in an expanded style. In the role of a truck driver, you have to drive a truck to transport goods to the required location. They are packed in containers. For example, some goods such as gasoline, dry goods, etc. In the process of driving on the road. You need to obey traffic laws. No collision with other vehicles. Stay in the right lane, and obey the traffic lights. If you make a mistake, you may be fined. After the cargo duty is completed. You will receive remuneration. Continue working as a truck driver. Transport goods to another location. The route will have a long distance. As well as the type of goods transported will have a larger weight. Make your focus on driving to make sure the shipment is safe.Game World Truck Driving Simulator Mod

World Truck Driving Simulator Mod supports many different perspectives. Each perspective offers a unique driving experience. For example, through a first-person perspective, viewed from within the cabin. Or a third-person view, viewed from the back of the truck. Moreover, in the process of designing and customizing the truck. You can observe 360 ​​degrees. However, each perspective will have its own limitations. A first-person perspective will be very difficult to drive when entering a bend. You need to look in the mirror if you are unsure. The third view can observe the entire movement of the truck. But will not bring the real feeling of a driver.

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