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Woodoku Mod is an extremely addictive puzzle game for phones. This game has attracted more than 10 million players on Google Play, and now it’s your turn. You will find tons of interesting puzzle levels here. You only need to touch and swipe your finger on the screen to play, but things are not as simple as you think. You must match the wooden blocks logically to score the most points. From there, you will find the relaxation of winning. At the same time, the quizzes will be an interesting test to train your brain and improve your IQ. Don’t forget to challenge your friends to see who is the best.

Download Woodoku Mod – Addictive wooden block puzzle mechanics

This game will bring you hours of fun and useful relaxation. That’s thanks to the super addictive puzzle mechanics in the levels. In each level, your task is to score the highest score by matching wooden blocks on the empty board. How to combine? You just need to touch the screen to select the wooden block, then drag it to the position you want. It’s as simple as that, but can you conquer the absolute score? You need to think carefully about every move instead of moving the wooden blocks indiscriminately. Let’s see how good you are.


Puzzle your way

At the beginning of the game screen, you will receive a 9×9 wooden board (including 81 squares) and 3 available wooden blocks. Your job is to choose a block of wood and match it to the wooden board on the screen. After that, the game will provide other wooden blocks and you keep matching. Until you run out of wooden blocks, you will complete the level and know your score. The following levels also have the same mechanism, but the order of appearance and the shape of the wooden blocks will change. In other words, you will have a new puzzle process when you reach a new level.

This puzzle mechanic is pretty easy to understand, isn’t it? But to conquer the game with a high score, you need to think more at every step. This helps you train your brain, reasoning ability, and puzzle skills. Therefore, this game is not only to play for fun but also has many useful effects. If you play it every day, you will be sharpening your mind and increase your IQ. Moreover, if you challenge your friends, the whole group will have a good time-solving puzzle.


Some tips for you

Woodoku Mod is really not as simple as you think. That’s why you should refer to some of the following tips if you want to score more points.

Don’t leave less than two empty cells: Each wooden block in this game will have a different shape. But mainly it is wooden blocks with 3 or more squares. Therefore, when putting wooden blocks on the wooden board, you should avoid leaving 1 or 2 empty cells inside. Because sometimes, you can’t find any wooden blocks that match these empty squares.

Start with the squares first: If you don’t have a puzzling plan of your own, start matching the wooden blocks to the 4 squares of the wooden board. This gives you more space in the middle, from which many wooden blocks of different shapes can be assembled. Finding locations for new wood blocks has also become easier.

Complete columns and rows: If you match wooden blocks and fill in a horizontal or vertical row, the wooden blocks will be removed from the board. From there, you will have more space on the wooden board to match new blocks and get Streak points.

Fill 3×3 squares: On the wooden board, you will see there are 4 3×3 areas. If you fill these areas, the wooden squares will automatically disappear and you will get Combo points.

Unlimited replay: After a few failures, you may get discouraged and leave the game. But if you play many times, you will gain experience to do better in the new turn. From there, you will have a better chance of scoring higher to beat your previous achievement.


Simple and user-friendly design

Everything in this game is designed to be very simple. The main character of the game is a 9×9 wooden board and wooden blocks with different shapes. They all have a light wood color, providing a comfortable feeling during the puzzle process. Besides, swipes and touches on the screen are also very smooth. Background music with soothing melodies also helps you relax. Enjoy these as you conquer the levels.

Overall, Woodoku Mod is an interesting puzzle game that helps you relax and train your mind. Don’t miss the levels of this game to show your puzzle talent. Match the wooden blocks in your own way and score the most points. Don’t forget to take advantage of these helpful tips to maximize the efficiency of your every move. You can challenge your friends in levels if you want.

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