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Promising to bring exciting battles in the sky for all players. The publisher provides the action game Wing Fighter Mod. The game combines shooting elements, with Arcade-style gameplay. Unleash the dramatic battles between the jets. Here, you will have to perform hundreds of different tasks. At the same time will have to fight many types of bosses at certain levels. Combining frames to simulate realistic 3D scenes is extremely epic. With stunning combat effects, shown through battles. Along with many other features added by the system. Add skills to enhance the attack ability of the aircraft. Hundreds of different types of power to be able to buff. Attractive rewards are received after completing the task.

Download Wing Fighter Mod – The Battle To Protect The Big Sky

Get ready for battle in the game Wing Fighter Mod. Here, you will play the role of an air force pilot. The mission of controlling the fighter plane is to destroy the enemy. Fight evil bosses, and stop their invasion. To protect the safety and freedom of the vast sky. Extremely fierce wars will be opened. No support from teammates or any other aircraft. You will have to be alone against a large number of enemy planes. Only by shooting them down with armed fire can one move forward. Complete excellent missions to get attractive rewards. After that, the system will unlock new scenes and battle levels. With more difficult challenges, given the different conditions that need to be overcome.Tai Wing Fighter Mod

Mission by scene, difficulty

Wing Fighter Mod’s mission system is divided into several scenes. Each scene unfolds a fierce battle in the sky. Your mission is to destroy the required number of enemy planes. You can then complete the quest to get the system to unlock new scenes. Continue into the fight in the next scene. The difficulty will increase, and the number of planes to destroy is larger than before. At the same time appeared many new types of fighter aircraft. The difference between them is expressed in size. Larger planes can deal more damage. Make it difficult for you to fight. Along with that, based on the number of planes shot down. You will get experience points to be able to reach new levels. At that time, you will receive more power and can increase your attack ability.Game Wing Fighter Mod

Skills, collect stars

During the battle of the Wing Fighter Mod. Enemy planes appeared from various directions. They attack with powerful firepower. Causes your plane to be destroyed if hit by bullets. To be able to complete the mission with excellent achievement. The skill required of an air force pilot must be very flexible. Wide field of view to detect enemy planes. Quick reflexes to dodge bullets, their firepower when attacking. At the same time combine upgrades to enhance combat ability. Can deal large amounts of damage every time it hits an enemy. Make them quickly destroyed to end the battle. Besides, destroy each enemy aircraft in turn. You will have the opportunity to collect to accumulate a large number of gold stars. They are dropped after enemy aircraft are destroyed.Download Wing Fighter Mod

Hundreds of power

Every time you reach a new level in Wing Fighter Mod. You will be given a choice of three different power-ups to enhance. According to the publisher provided, the game has hundreds of types of power. Each power has its own unique attribute. Add combat capabilities to your aircraft. For example, the clone skill will increase the number of bullets fired in a turn. Increased damage can cause enemies to be quickly destroyed. Or increase the rate of fire of the aircraft, in a short time can fire a large number of bullets. There are many other types of powers that will be unlocked after reaching new levels. Depends on the combat capabilities of the aircraft you are operating. As well as the difficulty in the next levels. From there, you can choose to change your strategy, helping you achieve higher efficiency.Wing Fighter Mod

The boss battle is one of the biggest challenges. Boss in Wing Fighter Mod possesses outstanding fighting ability. With a very large size, far superior to conventional aircraft. At the same time, the indicators are much better. From the amount of damage that can be done to the amount of health possessed. To be able to defeat the boss will take a lot of time. If not fully equipped with skills. As well as the flexibility of fighter control. It will be very difficult for you to win. Even will be quickly destroyed after fierce attacks from the boss.

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