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Starting the game in WildCraft you will become the owner of a whole pack of resilient wolves. Move to locations in the wild forest to find prey. This animal has the advantage of speed, running extremely fast to catch other animals. The system will suggest tasks for you to perform. Players will experience the life of wolves inside the extremely interesting primeval forest. The natural landscape is quite beautiful with a vivid color design. This is also a point that users love when playing this gameplay. The character system is quite diverse with many different species. You can optionally choose but need to meet the system requirements. The main task the player needs to perform throughout the game is to hunt for prey to maintain life.

Download WildCraft Mod – Accompany the wolf warriors to hunt

WildCraft Mod has an extremely rich character system. Each wolf will have a separate strength and fitness index. Please base on these parameters to be able to choose for yourself the most appropriate warrior. Not just this animal. There are more than 100 different species of animals, continuously updated by the publisher on a weekly basis. Open gameplay, the world in the primeval forest is extremely large. Along with that is the evolution, the continuous change of the climate, the weather is simulated extremely accurately in real-time. Giving gamers the feeling of becoming a character in a real game. Each mission set by the publisher will require you to role-play as a certain character. To be able to complete well according to the requirements of the system, the player needs to find out the general’s information before starting. Remember that every species has the ability to hunt extremely fiercely. Take advantage and promote the strength and advantages of each animal.

WildCraft mod

Customize team members

The number of animals in the game is really diverse. In addition to being able to freely choose the character you want, you can also customize it for other members. However, you are still the leader, so you need to make a reasonable choice. Assign each person to perform a task, take on a certain role. When there is a problem, work together to solve the problem. Try to create really good attacks on the prey with your teammates.

Looking for food

No matter what kind of animal you transform into, you will have to search for food every day. In this vast primeval forest, there are many extremely valuable endless resources. Together with your teammates, plan an ambush in the bushes. Wait for the enemy to pass and rush to attack, choose prey. However, if you play in free mode, you can arbitrarily choose your prey to attack. In advanced mode, it will have to comply with the requirements of the system. Try to bring back quality prey, assert your strength.

WildCraft mod


Over time, your beast will get bigger and bigger. At the same time, they will have a change in both appearance and hunting experience. However, to achieve this, players need to overcome thousands of challenges from the system. Hunting large, aggressive animals. Upon successful evolution, your beast will immediately change to a new form. Stats in terms of physical strength, speed, attack power, defense, etc…. Both increased significantly. Note: The higher the level, the stronger the enemy you have to confront.

WildCraft mod apk

Various missions

The publisher has classified the task system into many different difficulty levels. A series of challenges and goals for players to experience. When you first start playing the game, you will be introduced to some simple tasks. Gradually, there will be no more instructions and gamers will have to plan and calculate by themselves to complete the requirements. Every day the player will receive a mission from the system. Please read all in the mailbox section and complete it.

WildCraft mod apk

Players will enjoy watching the gradual change of animals in this gameplay. Along with his teammate’s adventure, explore this vast forest. Hunt large animals to develop yourself, receive gifts from the system. Do not forget to upgrade the skills and power indicators for the wolf warriors. The gameplay is open, so when you play for a long time, you will find it more interesting and not boring.

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