West Gunfighter 1.12 Unlimited Money

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West Gunfighter Mod: is an attractive action game with epic rewards that you cannot ignore. Transform into a cowboy, roam around to beautiful lands and enjoy alcohol in roadside bars. Players must complete the set tasks such as killing bandits, catching wanted criminals, even hunting tigers and zombies to receive bonuses. With the huge amount of money you receive, replace a new horse and equip yourself with weapons to make fighting easier.

The 3D-simulated version of West Gunfighter will be convenient for players to observe to shoot guns from a third-person perspective. Players will have a real nomadic life when sipping good wine and watching beautiful girls in pubs or baking money in casinos along the way. The game also includes many attractive minigames such as horse racing, darts that you can choose to entertain.

In addition, the game has up to 8 different cowboy costumes that you can choose from. A variety of weapons including pistols, pistols, daggers, etc. are also ready to serve in each battle, you can change depending on the nature of the match and the opponent. In addition, with the small size and optimization of the game’s features, it will definitely bring you moments of extreme entertainment. If you are looking for a high-quality game, then West Gunfighter will be the name that satisfies your desires.

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