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War Commander Mod opens a fierce war after World War 3. Massive military battles continue to turn the world upside down. As a military commander, you will launch attacks. Aim against the enemy to control the war zones. The game belongs to the multiplayer RTS strategy game genre. Same personal battle mode or real-time PVP. A series of unique features are provided by the system. The system of military units is diverse. Dramatic combat gameplay, requiring the tactics of a military commander. Realistic 3D environment, recreating brutal military wars. In particular, you can directly control military units during battles. Promising to bring an extremely attractive role-playing military strategy game.

Download War Commander Mod – Become a Military Commander To Control War Zones

Coming to War Commander Mod you will play the role of a military commander. Gather an army of many army combat units. Then launch attacks on the enemy base. Destroy all defending units, and destroy all their bases. For the purpose of controlling war zones to master the world. In addition to focusing on the attacks. You need to defend your base. Build facilities, upgrade military defense systems. At the same time manage limited resources, use them intelligently. Research modern weapons to improve the combat power of military forces. Destroy any army that intends to attack the base. Use strategy effectively, from there, you can master the battlefield. As well as developing a military base.Game War Commander Mod

Time of wars

War in War Commander Mod takes place in real-time. Lead military combat units to attack the enemy base. The battle took place extremely dramatically between the forces of the two factions. During the battle. Your combat units will automatically attack the target. At the same time, you can directly control a combat unit. Specify the attack to the desired location. The battle continues until one of the two factions is completely annihilated. If your forces succeed in destroying the enemy base. As well as destroy their entire defense force. You will win and master a war zone. On the contrary, if your army units are completely annihilated. The mission failed, possibly even allowing the enemy to attack the base.War Commander Mod

3 combat units

In War Commander Mod, there are 3 combat units including infantry, tank, and air force. Each unit is an army fighting force. You need to learn the capabilities of each combat unit. From there, it is possible to effectively exploit their potential. The infantry consists of army soldiers. In any battle, their presence is required. Because soldiers can attack and defend flexibly. Tank, an indispensable vehicle in invasion wars. Can deal massive amounts of damage to the attack. Especially solid defense ability. Finally, there is the air force, which is military aircraft. Combat units have a more effective strategic advantage over military units on the ground. Can launch attacks on enemy bases from a long distance.Tai War Commander Mod

Join the alliance

War Commander Mod takes place in large-scale military wars. To be able to stand on the battlefield. As well as developing the military area. You need to form alliances with other military commanders. Build strategies with allied units. Joining an alliance doesn’t just save you, one enemy. But also can jointly develop the military force. Especially can participate in battles. Live chat via the chat feature. Easily deploy tactics or seek advice from an ally. What’s more, when joining an alliance, your base will be safer. For example, when you are attacked by an enemy, you will be supported by the allied army. Can defend solidly, as well as defeat the enemy.Download War Commander Mod

War Commander Mod’s 3D graphics will recreate fierce battles. The environment takes place on an open battlefield. With a top-down view, you can see everything. Along with the ultimate combat effect, shown through the attacks of military units. Sharp 3D images, meticulously polished. The construction works are very impressively designed. Incorporate dramatic sounds during the battles. Guns and bombs are reproduced very realistically.

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