War After: PvP Shooter Mod APK 0.997 (Menu, Unlimited Ammo, No reload)

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Join the war of War After Shooter Mod with online gameplay. You and other players form a team, fight the opposing team. Enter some radioactive arenas of the post-apocalyptic world, defeat your enemies to victory. A series of attractive missions, along with extremely fierce and dramatic battles. Choose weapons and upgrade to increase the ability to deal more damage, attack all enemies when detected. Challenge yourself by participating in the battle alone. Defeat your enemies in turn, win in all areas, and rule the world by force.

Download War After Shooter Mod – Join the Post-Apocalypse War

The game is provided by the publisher GDCompany with an online PvP fighting style. War After: Shooter Mod opens a mysterious post-apocalyptic world. This is where nuclear wars take place between nations. The devastating consequences brought the world to near destruction. At the same time resources were almost exhausted, but that did not stop the factions. They continue to fight for the remaining precious resources. You are no exception. Engage in post-apocalyptic wars, defeating enemies with your teammates for resources. Fight in your own style, combine strategy with teammates. Win in every arena and rule the world.Download War After Shooter Mod

Attractive shooting gameplay

War After: Shooter Mod is an action game with an attractive shooting style. With gameplay similar to other online shooting games. You and some other online players form a faction, enter the battle. Your opponents are other professional shooters, possessing skilled shooting skills. Requires players and teammates to have a smart strategy, fight well with each other. The game requires high teamwork, everyone on the same side needs to cover for each other to defeat the enemy. The battle takes place in real-time. Every time you kill an enemy, the score will automatically increase. Continue like this until the time is up, the side that kills more enemies will win.Tai War After Shooter Mod

Tactical development

In the war of War After: Shooter Mod strategy is one of the very important factors to win. Requires a flexible combination of you and other players. However, each battle unfolds differently. So your side doesn’t always have the best strategy. Even, sometimes there is a deadlock in the process of making a strategy. You play a very important role in this brutal war, actively develop your own strategy. For example, choosing a sniper rifle, finding a position to hide, and observe the best. Support teammates from behind, knocking down enemies to open up a new strategy. Or become a pioneer leader, opening up new strategies to lead teammates behind.Game War After Shooter Mod

Equip Weapons

In addition to building tactics, weapons are one of your effective assistants in the battle. War After: Shooter Mod provides a diverse and rich gun system. With some typical guns like SMGs, sniper rifles, shotguns, handguns, etc. Along with some direct attack weapons such as daggers, axes, swords. Not only that, you can equip some grenades with many different functions. For example exploding grenades, blinding grenades, and many more. However, if you want to unlock a weapon, you need to reach the required level. Or you can use the money accumulated through battles to unlock. At the same time, upgrading weapons will help you increase the amount of damage higher to the enemy.War After Shooter mod

Equip the costume

Besides, War After Shooter Mod also has a lot of accessories for you to equip your character. For example, masks, clothes, pants. Although these items do not increase damage, it is also very important. Because when equipped with them, the character will increase defense and gain more health. This is extremely beneficial in the fight, helping the character to withstand many attacks from the enemy. Besides, equipping the costumes will change the character’s appearance. Make a difference and impress other players.

Similar to other shooting action games, the control system of War After Shooter Mod is not too different. The left side of the screen still uses the virtual joystick to control the direction and move the character. You just need to touch and swipe on the screen to perform actions. Likewise, the right side of the screen includes icons such as grenades, scopes, magazines, and support items. Depending on the battle situation, you can choose to use it.

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