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Vegas Crime Simulator 2 will definitely be a game that makes anyone who is passionate about the vivid role-playing style must fall in love. Born from studio Naxeex, the game brings a real feeling when letting users experience the lavish Las Vegas city from the perspective of a notorious brother and sister, in accordance with the “Crime” nature of the game. You will be the boss of a street gang here, and manage your juniors to perform actions that are somewhat hooligan and harassing. Of course, your gang will not be able to avoid the eyes of the police, and there will be chases, even shootings on busy streets. Let’s explore this fascinating underground world now.

Introducing Vegas Crime Simulator 2

In the previous version, the manufacturer gave players the role of an outstanding hero, contributing to protect the peace of the city. Then in the next game, you will experience from the perspective of a powerful gangster in Las Vegas. Dubbed the entertainment capital of the world, famous for its extremely luxurious and attractive entertainment areas and casinos. That is also the place where the protection and management of the older brothers is required.

Your task is to control your juniors, help them escape the police chase and return to safety. It sounds easy, but fleeing on a busy, busy street, or on the roofs of towering buildings always makes our hearts flutter.

How to play Vegas Crime Simulator 2 game

Coming to a gang of thugs, all you need to master is escape driving skills, a bit of martial arts and the ability to use guns skillfully. But do not worry too much, because with the intuitive gameplay, easy to control the character, it will not be too difficult for you to control and master this game.

Features in Vegas Crime Simulator 2

With a map displayed at the top of the screen, you’ll be able to locate where you are. At the bottom of the screen are a series of buttons to help fine-tune the direction. The same options let you freely change many weapons, and perform a number of operations to make the escape easier.

Download Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Apk Mod free for Android

If you want to experience life inside a gangster, or want to try your hand at thrilling chases like in blockbuster series, Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod Apk is definitely the game you should have. in his beloved. Try to download and conquer this game.

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