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UNKILLED is a gameplay of the famous shooting action genre on the mobile platform. A product of the publisher MADFINGER Games. Before this gameplay was released. We know MADFINGER Games with the famous game Dead Trigger. This game has made the name of this developer. Not inferior to his predecessor. UNKILLED, when launched, soon garnered millions of installs. Collected thousands of 5* positive reviews. Affirming that he is not inferior to his predecessor. Attract players by dramatic, classic gun battles. Open game mode. Players can compete with their friends. Exchange with other players around the world. Delivering a truly amazing experience. Gameplay is free, so you can access CH play or the App store. Download and fight with the admin.

Download UNKILLED Mod – Monster Extermination Task Force

Joining UNKILLED Mod you get to play the guy joe. As the captain of the special task force for crime prevention, order maintenance and national security. There is a gameplay that is considered to be more difficult than other games of the same genre. In the category of shooting action games. In most games, the player will do the main task of killing zombies. But in this gameplay, the difficulty is increased many times over. The undead at this point has evolved much larger. Compared to normal zombies. They can be 5 times bigger and maybe 10 times bigger. Higher attack power and resistance. Therefore, to win in UNKILLED is not easy. Form your own task force. Practice skills and tactics with friends every day. Equip your team with modern, advanced weapons. Don’t forget to learn more fighting skills from other players. Join your team to prevent a pandemic that is directly threatening people’s lives.

UNKILLED mod apk

Weapon system

The weapon system in the UNKILLED mod is quite diverse. Many different genres for you to experience. The main weapon for players participating in combat is the gun. This weapon is not too heavy. You can carry it with you very conveniently. High mobility makes it easier to escape from attacks from the enemy. Ak gun, submachine gun, 6 heart, M4A1, thongs, shotgun, etc….. These are typical guns used by many players. It has not have too much destructive power. But it is enough to shoot every monster in the initial level. When you get to a higher level. You will face stronger, more resistant monsters. Now bring in each match cannons, AWM, Kart98, etc… In addition, you should also bring some other weapons. In case you run out of ammo or emergency situations, you can use it. Knives, bows, grenades, etc….. Is what you can choose. Put them in your backpack to bring in battles.

game UNKILLED mod

Style play

Has the same basic gameplay as other action games. But the publisher has said it will make a difference for this gameplay. And MADFINGER Games has done this. When fighting you do not need to press the fire button. If using a gun, just aim them at the target. Immediately your gun will automatically shoot, attack the enemy. This helps players reduce manipulation, focus on aiming better. Control your character to move, Hide behind the nooks and crannies. Wait for the enemy to pass and shoot to destroy them. Enemies are also diverse in types. Equip your character with armor sets. To minimize the monster’s damage to you.

game UNKILLED mod hack

Stunning graphics

When playing the game, I feel like I am the main character. Participate in real gun battles. The 3D graphics background creates a high level of realism for the game. Bringing you an experience like being immersed in a real game. Huge evolved zombie visual design. New experience is more attractive than other shooting action titles. Many players also left comments praising the game’s sound quality. High-quality 8D sound. For the effects of gunfire, screaming zombies, bullet shells falling, etc… Stimulate players to fight more fiercely. If you don’t believe what I say. Then download the game and test it out. Be careful or you might get addicted.

UNKILLED mod apk tai

UNKILLED is very suitable for those of you who love shooting action games. Join your friends in a gun battle to destroy monsters. Virus disease is spreading everywhere. Let’s try to fight and control the disease safely. Using combat weapons made sure the monsters couldn’t harm people. Download UNKILLED Mod fight to the last breath.

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