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Tricky Doors Mod is an endless adventure game that combines many different forms of puzzles. Join the game, you will become an adventurer with a mission to explore this adventure. Your journey will pass through hundreds of puzzles and dozens of exciting content chapters. In each chapter, you will discover a certain place and have to find a way out of this place if you want to go further. To escape, you need to solve every puzzle in a picture. Find hidden objects, use them for new puzzles and find the door leading to the exit. These challenges will help test your IQ.

Download Tricky Doors Mod – Adventure and solve mysterious puzzles

Puzzles will become more interesting as they integrate into your adventure. That is what makes Tricky Doors attractive. This game will take you on the idlest but most stressful adventure journey. You do not need to role-play any character or enjoy the feeling of adventure in the first or third person. Instead, just tap the screen to discover hidden locations. By exploring them, you will feel like you are really immersed in different spaces. And that’s a great sense of adventure.


Diverse puzzle store

The game will bring dozens of different chapters. In each chapter, you will go through a portal to any location. Here, you will see a vividly designed image. It’s a still image but hides many mysteries that you don’t expect. You need to “click” on the details on the image to see what is there. For example, you might find a shovel in the barn, an apple in the tree, a key in the cupboard… Keep them because it’s the key to new puzzles.

As can be seen, the puzzle system in each chapter is closely linked with each other. The answer to this puzzle could be the key to a new puzzle. You are the one to find all the puzzles and solve them if you want to uncover the whole mystery. The puzzles will be designed in many different forms. It can be calculus, logic, jigsaw puzzles, reasoning… And you need to use dozens of skills to solve them. It can be said that this game is a worthwhile puzzle library.


Lots of different locations

Tricky Doors Mod has dozens of chapters corresponding to dozens of locations unlocked. You will know where it is when you open the exit gate in each chapter. In other words, you only have the right to unlock a new location after successfully decrypting the previous one. It can be a dark castle, a haunted house, a vampire’s residence, a village on Halloween, a mysterious forest, an entertainment center, etc. Each location is described through pictures. Inside each picture, you will find many interesting things.

In particular, each location can lead you through many different contexts. If you know how to connect the puzzles, you can explore all this context. In each context, there will be dozens of puzzles for you. Sometimes these puzzles will drive you crazy because of their difficulty. The further you go, the more difficult the puzzles, taking you more time. Then think about using “Hint” to find new ideas. The hint is by no means free and limited. Therefore, you should only use it in the most difficult situation.


Unlimited interactions

Each chapter in this game is a world with unlimited interactivity. You can tap anywhere on the scene canvas, and every touch delivers something. Whether you touch rocks, trees, animals, pictures… there is always a way to interact more. So you never know what every detail in the frame hides. To know the answer, you have to take the trouble to interact with everything. Touch every nook and cranny of the picture, and you’ll be rewarded.


Vivid and classic 2D design

Although it only owns a 2D design, the game will impress you. Still, images are thoughtfully designed and detailed with colors, evoking curiosity and excitement to explore. Besides, each touch operation on the screen gives quick and intuitive results. You don’t have to wait a few seconds to see what’s behind the details you touch. Moreover, music is also a factor that makes this game attractive.

Those are the reasons why Tricky Doors Mod attracts millions of players around the globe. Now you can download the game right to your phone without paying. This is the most exciting puzzle world you will ever touch. The puzzles will lead you through an endless adventure journey with many new things. You will have the opportunity to discover many interesting places and mysteries on this journey. So are you ready?

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