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Trash Tycoon Mod is an idle simulation game. The story revolves around the collection of garbage from all over the world. The game released by AlexPlay LLC will give you an interesting garbage cleaning experience. Your mission is to rescue the natural environment and protect the forests. Wild natural places are being covered by human-made waste and garbage. Only you can change the worsening situation of the world. At the same time can make a lot of money, by selling the waste that you have collected. Gradually, you will build an empire of your own. With the job of collecting waste from major landfills around the world.

Download Trash Tycoon Mod – Idle Business Game For Garbage Disposal

Background of Trash Tycoon Mod opens in an abandoned land. This place is the gathering place of huge garbage dumps. With a location on the outskirts of the city. At the same time, this is also your hometown. After returning home, you inherit an abandoned garbage factory left by your grandfather. Here, you meet an assistant who has been recycling trash for many years. Also, use a manual garbage disposal machine to start your work. Earn clean coins by destroying and recycling waste. Continuing the career of his grandfather. Clean the environment and protect nature to be clean. Work hard, do every job efficiently. Surely, you will have the opportunity to become a tycoon in the waste recycling industry.Dowload Trash Tycoon Mod

Idle gameplay

The gameplay of Trash Tycoon Mod has an idle style. All activities that take place during the game can be done easily. You just need to touch the keys on the screen, with various actions. Use the garbage disposal machine provided. You will begin to perform garbage disposal tasks. By pressing continuously on the machine to compress the garbage into square blocks. After completing the garbage disposal process, you can sell them on the stock exchange. From there you can make a huge profit.Trash Tycoon Mod

Upgrade the garbage collector and the game’s difficulty

Upgrading the garbage disposal machine in Trash Tycoon Mod is one of the jobs you need to do. Here, there are many accessories and structural equipment of the machine for you to upgrade. Or you can buy more premium accessories in the store. This will improve the waste treatment machine. More waste can be compressed, as well as high efficiency in new tasks. Moreover, entering new levels, the difficulty of the game will increase. There are many new challenges for you to discover, with difficulties to overcome. Try to get rid of all the garbage in the world’s dirtiest places. At the same time, the amount of waste being treated and compressed is increasing. The amount you earn is also more than before, through the stock exchange. Gradually will become a rich boss.Tai Trash Tycoon Mod

Lots of activities, not just garbage disposal

Besides garbage disposal, Trash Tycoon Mod also gives you a lot of interesting things. It is possible to excavate ancient tombs to conduct an antique search. In the laboratory, it is possible to research and invent advanced equipment. Crafting parts to upgrade machines in the smithy. Maybe even through intense auctions. Compete with others for the items you like. Or through the price head, it is also possible to make a huge profit. In particular, online competition with other players is also integrated. Through the garbage truck racing mode. Try to win against other garbage trucks. Get the best results in exciting garbage truck races. At the same time will receive a lot of rewards after the race ends.Game Trash Tycoon Mod

Coming to Trash Tycoon Mod you will have the opportunity to explore many famous places. Clean up the dirtiest places in the world where people live. Typical is the city of Varanasi, the volcano Vesuvius, the Rub al Khali desert, the Mediterranean Sea. Even areas like Mendenhall glaciers, savannas in Africa, forests in Russia, and the Amazon jungle. Each location is an area, containing a lot of waste. You need to clean up the environment at the locations. With a lot of work, but it is possible to get rich from cleaning garbage. Very soon, you will become a rich boss.

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