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Traffic Tour is the place where the super classic race takes place between world-class racers. You will drive to participate in the race as fast as the speed of light. Every car in this gameplay has a very powerful engine. In just a few seconds, it is possible to reach speeds of hundreds of km / h extremely terrible. No traffic laws are applied in the game, so you can freely display and perform all skills without worrying about breaking them. The special thing, the creative point of the game is that you have no opponents on the track. That’s right, there’s only you, drive your own car at a fast speed to score points. Achievements after each race will be saved by the system. Each time you break your own record, you will receive a bonus. You can buy more cars you like. Satisfy your passion with a collection of extremely pitiful racing cars.

Download Traffic Tour Mod – Show off your top driving skills

In fact, Traffic Tour Mod is a street racing game, with a lot of vehicles circulating and commuting. But there is no competition for you. Other means only contribute to making the space more lively and attractive. And certainly, players do not feel bored when walking on the street with traffic. Practice, improve your driving skills to be better. Through straight highways, you can confidently step on the accelerator without fear of anything.

Traffic Tour mod apk

Be careful when moving on the street. If you collide with other vehicles, you will have a lot of trouble. The vehicle may become stuck and unable to continue moving. You will have to start over from the starting position, restart everything from 0. On the way, there are many power-ups. Let’s collect them all, this item will help you to activate nitro, speeding up the car with terrifying speed.


The basic Traffic Tour Mod’s control interface is still similar to today’s popular racing games. With function keys such as Powerless, throttle, brake pedal, gear lever, car lights, wipers, etc… All are fully displayed on the screen. You can do it, apply it easily. When you collect power-ups, you can tap the nitro icon twice to trigger an instant boost. For straight roads, there is not much traffic, this feature is really useful. On the contrary, in places where there are many cars moving, it will be difficult to go fast. Easy to collide with obstacles and other vehicles.

Traffic Tour mod

Game mode

Traffic Tour Mod has 4 main game modes including Endless, Free Ride, Career, and Racing Now. In each mode, there will be challenges, interesting things, and separate players. What I really like is being able to play online games with other players. The fiery races are not ranked between players. But you still have a competitive feeling, more fierce competition than alone on the track. Each season ends, the system will rank the achievements of each person to proceed with the reward. Try to put your name on the top 5 best riders.

Traffic Tour mod hack game

Unlock car

The vehicle system in Traffic Tour Mod is quite diverse. More than 40 different racing models for you to collect the ones you like. Many famous brands in the world are also included in this gameplay. Typical names such as McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche, etc. are favored by many people because of their luxurious and aggressive design. Each time you complete the mission, you will receive from 1000 – 1500 coins to buy new cars. Try to perform well to be able to own the most modern car models.

Upgrade Car

To complete the missions, complete all the challenges, just having good driving skills is not enough. You also need a powerful car with many modern technologies to accompany you on all races. The cost to buy such a car is quite high. Instead, you can upgrade your car for a very small amount of money. Traffic Tour Mod allows players to upgrade parameters such as Engine, brake, vehicle material. Learn how to upgrade to make your steel steed stronger.

Traffic Tour mod apk

Traffic Tour is not too prominent in the world of racing games on Mobile. But there are also many interesting and fascinating things for you to experience and discover. The speed of the match is extremely fast, you need to have reflexes and flexible actions to handle all situations smoothly. The assigned tasks have full information, more detailed how to perform. You will easily complete, conquer more difficult challenges. Download Traffic Tour Mod with friends to participate in major races, compete with other super racers in the world.

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