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After the success of Touchgrind BMX. A masterpiece of mountain bike racing on mobile. Game publisher Illusion Labs continues to launch a super product version 2 with great promise. Touchgrind BMX 2 was released and has quickly established itself in the world of MOBA games. Not inferior to the first version. This gameplay attracted more than 30 million downloads in just a few months of release. Attractive gameplay, eye-catching graphics are the strong points of this game. You can clearly feel this through the photos below. The important thing is that the gameplay is completely free. The main purpose of give players an entertaining and relaxing game. So the publisher did not take any cost when downloading. MODLH. vn has updated the latest mod version for this gameplay. Quickly visit our website to download this version.

Download Touchgrind BMX 2 MOD – Exciting jungle racing

We can see extreme bike races in the mass media. For those who share a passion for speed. Passion for cycling in particular. Well, that’s actually a great thing. Coming to Touchgrind BMX 2 MOD, you can choose the most modern mountain bikes in the world. With many unique designs to adapt to rough terrain. Immediately after entering the game, you can immediately start your race in training mode. But at this initial level, the system will mainly show you how to play. Basic features are essential for newbies. When you are familiar, with any game mode, any race you can participate in normally. The championship cup of national tournaments is still waiting for you to conquer.

Touchgrind BMX 2 mod

How to control

Personally, I feel that Touchgrind BMX 2 MOD is quite easy to control. Even riding a bicycle is easier than riding a bicycle in reality. The console is not fixed. It depends on the habits and playing style of each person. You can choose to control the car by tilting the screen, or you can use the push keys, etc… Choose for yourself a reasonable control method, you are most familiar with. Then practice with that play every day to become a more professional cyclist. Many great tournaments are waiting for you to join. However, these tournaments are all famous racers of the countries. You need to have high skills to be able to participate in such big tournaments. I believe you can do this. As long as you work hard, nothing is impossible.

Touchgrind BMX 2 mod

Unique car design

The bikes in Touchgrind BMX 2 MOD are not like normal bikes. Because ordinary bicycles cannot go on bumpy and rocky roads. Therefore, the publisher has designed and changed the structure of the car. You can see bigger tires, stronger shock absorbers, especially a much higher ground clearance, etc. All these changes are intended to adapt to the harsh terrain environment. But there are maps that are very dangerous. You need to upgrade your car to become more powerful. Instead of buying a new car, it will be very expensive. Parameters such as Tires, chains, wheels, saddles, frame materials, etc… Upgrade to max these parameters. Surely your car will be a formidable steed.

game Touchgrind BMX 2 mod

Graphics and sound

Regarding the sound of the game, there are not too many outstanding points. But we also have to dedicate the lyrics to the game’s soundtrack. It is the background music that creates attraction and drama for players. It is neither too strong nor too prominent. Very gentle, creating a more relaxing feeling for the player. Times of severe pain or cornering. You will hear the car’s cornering sound effects. That is the motivation for you to speed up, overcome your opponent. Score 10 for the graphic quality of Touchgrind BMX 2 MOD. The 3D graphics background creates a beautiful and attractive racing scene. Real bicycles are not much different from real life.

Touchgrind BMX 2 mod apk

Touchgrind BMX 2 is a place for those with a passion for cycling to satisfy and develop their talents. With different big and small tournaments for you to experience. Lots of players from different countries. It is an opportunity for you to get acquainted, exchange, and learn more knowledge from this subject. Download Touchgrind BMX 2 MOD to join the forest terrain racing tournament right away.

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