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Tomb of the Mask is gameplay for players to participate in adventurous adventures with the character Tom. The plot tells us that. He found a mask in the forest. Try wearing it on your face, something special happened. Tom finds himself with special superpowers. Able to move quickly, go on all types of terrain. But unfortunately, he got lost in the labyrinth of demons. There are many treasures, gold, and silver, many valuable resources. But there are also many monsters guarding. To get out of this maze is not easy, it’s not easy at all. Players need to think and calculate carefully. Only then can we escape from this dark hell. Download Tomb of the Mask MOD to your computer to accompany tom right now.

Download Tomb of the Mask MOD – Adventure to find the way out

Tomb of the Mask MOD gives players a very new experience. Without the pressure of achievements, players can freely explore the wonderful things inside the maze. Along with that are the dangers that threaten your life. The cannibal traps are always lurking, threatening and can take lives at any time. Control your character to move to avoid all traps. In this journey you will see money, items appear along the way. Collect them all, don’t miss a thing. Note that when picking up items, there may be pitfalls later. Be careful in all situations. Many interesting things in the cave are waiting for you to explore. Invite your friends to download this gameplay together. Let’s conquer the challenges of the maze together.

Tomb of the Mask mod

Item system

The items in the game to support the player can win more easily. Each type of item will have a specific use. Let’s learn carefully the use of each type of item one by one. When you see them, you won’t miss them. The main situation of collecting too many items leads to a full backpack. Mask, Knight, Froggy, Skull, Rabbit, Shapiro, Powerups are the items you will see along the way. There are many different types of masks for you to choose from. Choose one that suits your character. Items are extremely important factors that determine victory or defeat. Healing pot, sprinting, flying in the air, etc… For difficult situations when facing difficult traps. Use the appropriate items to pass more easily.

Tomb of the Mask mod apk

Complete mission

Each level will have a destination, a final exit for you to go to. Each level will have its own challenge and difficulty. Of course, not all screens are the same. If you want to overcome all challenges easier. You need to learn the information and characteristics of each match. Know the location of the pitfalls, their characteristics. From there, analyze and find a safe direction for your character. Many missions for players to perform. The difficulty will increase gradually with the level. In the initial levels, you will perform simple tasks such as: Collect a certain amount of money, wearing a mask to conquer the labyrinth, etc… Along with that, there are hundreds of other tasks. Each other is waiting for you to conquer.

Tomb of the Mask mod hack

Game mode

Tomb of the Mask MOD has two main game modes for you to experience. Entertainment mode and advanced mode are the two modes I’m talking about. It depends on the needs and preferences of each person. We can choose for ourselves the most reasonable game mode. In entertainment mode, the difficulty will be slightly lower than in advanced mode. There will be fewer obstacles on the way. The pitfalls and challenges are not too difficult to overcome. You will not feel pressure when playing the game. Relaxation, entertainment in this mode is very appropriate. If you want higher difficulty, the premium model will satisfy you.

Tomb of the Mask mod apk

Tomb of the Mask, although it belongs to the action game genre, the gameplay as well as the way the game works does not say that. The gameplay is simple but requires high thinking. Players will have to guess the evil traps along with the symbols on the way. All for the ultimate purpose of bringing the character to the finish line, safely escaping the maze. Download Tomb of the Mask MOD to discover the mysterious world right now.

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