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TheoTown Mod is an extremely popular 3D construction simulation game today. It provides a large space for you to freely build houses, buildings, factories, hospitals, roads, and more. In particular, there are no rules or limits to stop your creativity. Just with clicks to place any building on the map as you like. You can make your own map, and manage everything in your own way. Continuously upgrade from level 4 to level 1, from an empty map to a prosperous and bustling metropolis with dozens of modes of transportation from the road, rail, air, maritime and more. Everything is visually displayed on the screen with a lifelike design. You can see every detail of the building from a third-person perspective and feel free to zoom in and out as you like.

Download TheoTown Mod – Build your own city

If you love the construction genre, don’t miss TheoTown, a super mobile game from the publisher blueflower. It is a great place for you to unleash your creativity and imagination to build a city from the most basic foundations, which are houses, buildings, trees, and vehicles. More than just building, you can manage your city to make it look like the real world. Works are built not only to see but to operate, to create value, convenience for residents, and wealth for the economy. And not only economics, but players can also be interested in many other areas such as military, life, education, and more. Try to balance everything for comprehensive development and long-term sustainability.


Developing rural areas into urban areas

Starting the game, you will get a large map full of trees. It is a wasteland but very suitable to start building a dream city. You can unlock some small buildings such as houses, processing factories, low-level schools, small hospitals … to make the first foundations. However, come up with a perfect planning blueprint before doing that. Or visualize in your head the location of residential areas, military zones, piers, parks, road networks, and more. With a good plan, you can build a beautiful city, and at the same time create favorable conditions for movement, thereby promoting transport and economy.

Later on, you can unlock more buildings with better quality. There is no shortage of things to choose from, from apartments, high-rise buildings, hospitals, dispensaries, parks, shopping malls, monuments, piers, airports, nuclear plants… Moreover, gamers can upgrade buildings to higher levels, or expand their city to neighboring areas. The map will expand more and more depending on your development. Inside is a plain, convenient for construction and development of residential areas. The outside is a potential sea area for maritime development and goods circulation with world seaports.


Manage your city to become rich

Construction is only half of the TheoTown Mod. Management factor plays an important role in the other half, giving the real vitality of this game. As an architect, you only need to care about planning, building, expanding, and upgrading. But as a manager, a mayor of the city, you need to know how to run the roads that move, provide energy, water, and the necessary services to ensure the life of the population.

You need to help people handle emergencies like fires by managing fire centers, or building police stations to increase safety. Besides, you can take care of the spiritual life of the people, by building a stadium, adding entertainment, entertainment, tourism, and more services. At the same time, the management of military operations should also be in your plan. You can develop missiles, drones, and military training facilities… to protect territorial sovereignty. The construction and management always go together, ensuring the sustainable development of the city.


Detailed, realistic 3D graphics

Graphics are really the highlight making the popularity of this game. It builds everything on a high-end 3D platform, highlighting construction images in sharp detail. The game context is displayed visually and vividly from a top-down perspective and many other aspects. With just one finger, you can move your city view in different directions. Besides, the flow of traffic moves like a real-life, creating a life for the city.


All in all, TheoTown Mod is a perfect game for gamers who love design and construction. It is the perfect place to fulfill your passion for building and developing a dream city. You can build everything and manage the city as you like, thereby creating wealth and stability for residents. The goal is toward long-term, progressive and civilized development.

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