The Sun Origin 2.1.8 Unlimited Money

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The Sun Origin (Mod, Unlimited Money) is a recent game receiving a lot of attention. It is a mix of many elements, including RPG, survival, shooting, and action. There are many exciting things to explore.


The Earth is in a post-apocalyptic state. All of these tragedies occur when the sun emits a massive amount of radiation, making survival nearly impossible for all living things.

Despite being warned of this danger for many years, the world’s leaders continue to ignore it. There is no plan in place to deal with this disaster. As a result, civilization is dying, the atmosphere is polluted with radioactive materials, food is scarce, and the destroyed lands have become desolate and poisonous. Meanwhile, alien monsters are trying to invade this place.

Some people have previously hidden in the bunker and survived. Although they were fortunate enough to avoid death, they were also thrust into survival challenges.


Players will take a role of a soldier named Raven to explore the apocalyptic world of the game.

The Sun Origin brings the main gameplay of the FPS shooting game. You will move around on the map and look for NPCs to receive quests. These tasks include looking for a specific item, locating other soldiers for assistance, or killing all monsters and other enemies in the area.

Aside from attempting to assist others, seek out sources of food and water to maintain a stable level of health and medical supplies to recover from injury. Don’t forget to bring weapons, armor, gas masks, and other protective gear.

The game features not only cannibal monsters but also the armies of ruthless warlords, such as Chosen – the leader of the North-216 Community. They are willing to kill those who do not follow their orders. So be cautious.

Different Areas

As mentioned above, The Sun Origin sets the setting as a post-apocalyptic world, with the scarcity of food, various diseases, and radiation. You will have to restore life to each small area. There will be characters there who will tell you what you need to do.

There are several areas: Rusty Wasteland, Bunker-216 Lands, Community Lands / Community Northern Blockpost, Warehouse, etc. Of course, there will be new challenges and new dangers in each different place that you have to face. Each problem requires a unique solution, but you must first focus on combat skills and food to survive in harsh environments.

Some Tips For Players

  • Most armor types have extra slots. If you find an item, you can equip it for any empty place or replace an existing item in this slot. As a result, you can use any medical or food item in the access slots without opening the warehouse.
  • The Hotbar stores the items you’ve equipped in the warehouse’s quick-access slots. To use them, click on the icon. Instead of opening the warehouse between fights, you can save time. Items in the Hotbar can be replaced through the inventory screen.
  • Most NPCs will not talk to you if you have a gun in your hand. So, place it in the holster by pressing the “weapon bag” button on the right side of the weapon selector.
  • You can avoid the most dangerous areas by using the Detector Panel. An additional information panel will appear after equipping. It informs the player about the level of pollution in the area.

In the tab “Skill and Abilities,” you can view your character’s skill levels and improve the stats. You will earn these points by completing quests, assisting NPCs, and engaging in other similar activities.

Graphics And Sound

Graphics are not the strength of this game and may not be superior to other shooting games. However, the game also has good graphics at maximum settings. Also, the game’s sound is very realistic, giving players the impression that they are participating in a real war.

Player Experience

The game received a lot of positive feedback on forums and social media. Gamers enjoyed the game’s plot and thought it had a lot of potentials. However, others claim that sometimes the game lags.

Apart from English, it does not have other languages. This factor makes it difficult for people who do not speak English. It is hoped that the game producers will repair these issues in the following versions.

Download The Sun Origin Apk + Mod for Android

The Sun Origin is an FPS action game with survival and role-playing elements. It also has an exciting plot about the Earth’s demise. Moreover, you can buy many items with the unlimited money feature from the MOD version. Can you survive in the deadlands, withstand dangers, and give everyone a second chance at seeing the dawn once more? Download it now to get the answers.

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