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Evony: The King’s Return Mod is an MMO strategy game with a puzzle element. Join the game, your task is to build your empire and strive to become the king of 7 kingdoms. To do that, you need to collect, explore resources, and invade other lands. And to achieve your goal, you have to go through the “pull out” puzzles that are very stressful. There are more than 1000 levels like this in your experience. They will challenge every player’s IQ. Try to conquer every puzzle to get the treasure and return home safely.

Download Evony: The King’s Return Mod – Strategy and puzzle in one

This game was released a long time ago but still attracts a large number of gamers to visit every day. That’s thanks to the great appeal of the strategy, role-playing, and puzzle elements. Strategy and puzzle elements merge into one and create thousands of different levels. That’s where you have to show your intellect to complete the level with victory. Besides, the role-playing element is shown when you play the leader of a civilization. You must do everything to make the empire powerful. At the same time, you can dominate other civilizations if you want.


Choose your civilization

The game offers 7 typical civilizations to choose from. It is a civilization from America, China, Russia, Korea, Japan, Arabia, and Europe. Each civilization will have different characteristics but this should not affect your experience too much. Do a little research on each civilization and pick the one you like. Then, as the king of the kingdom, you must do everything to make it the greatest empire. Don’t worry if you are a new player. Because the game will have NPCs to guide you in the early stages.

The quests for you will revolve around strengthening and developing civilization. Your kingdom needs resources to build, upgrade, and expand. Next, you need to build an army with more than 4 different types of troops from infantry to siege engines. Train and upgrade them to improve military power. It is a condition for you to invade other civilizations if you have the desire to become the king of 7 civilizations. Besides, the game allows you to join an alliance with your friends. You can communicate with allies in real-time to discuss plans.


Solve draw puzzles

In order to get resources and troops in Evony: The King’s Return Mod, you have to pass peg puzzles. This is the main content of the entire game. In each puzzle, you will have a certain goal, be it to get the treasure, defeat the enemy, save the princess, or survive … To achieve the goal, you need to draw the latch system wisely to help. his character. Remember, you need to ensure the safety of the character and complete the goal if you want to pass the level.

To remove the latch, simply touch the corresponding pin on the screen. When a peg is drawn, you get some results. It can be a favorable or unfavorable outcome depending on your strategy. To get favorable results, you can apply the following:

  • Avoid fire, monsters, wild animals, traps, and other dangerous things.
  • Combine lava and water to form rocks (stones help you move through safely).
  • Use dangerous things to destroy enemies.


Unlock famous generals

The game gives you typical generals from history to join civilization. It could be Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Julius Caesar, King Arthur, and more. You can recruit them into the army to participate in military missions. Or they will become a helping hand to help you complete the puzzles. This is also an opportunity to admire their beauty and achievements on the world battlefield. There’s nothing better than being able to join the real heroes of your civilization!


Classic 2D design

With an ancient story and setting, this game also has a classic 2D style. This style contributes to the content of the game, while vividly depicting every detail of your experience. Images of generals, princesses, monsters … are very beautiful. They have a classic beauty, reminiscent of the culture of the world from hundreds of years ago. Besides, the sound element and background music are equally lively and attractive.

So don’t hesitate to download Evony: The King’s Return Mod to your phone. You will find here the most brainy and addictive IQ draw puzzles. Moreover, you will have the feeling of becoming the king of an ancient civilization. This role gives you many interesting quests and alliance events. Join your friends in the alliance if you grow faster. Otherwise, be confident in your abilities and build everything with your own hands.

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