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Text Scanner OCR amazing technology can quickly digitize texts from books, books, magazines and more. This makes it so much easier for users to digitize important documents and make their lives easier. Now, there is no need to manually import content. Instead, all you need is a camera shoot and the brilliant OCR technology will automatically scan your documents.

Among the great apps for Android users, Text Scanner OCR is always considered the best choice for you. Here, you can easily improve your productivity, thanks to the smart and impressive features in the app, as it makes it easier to notice written texts from any taken image. There is no need to manually manipulate when entering text with your device keyboard, as it can allow you to use your hands-free application.

Let’s learn more about this great app from Peace with our intensive reviews.


Normally, if you need to import any practical documents into your digital devices, such as smartphones or laptops, users must read the words then copy them on their equipment. But with OCR’s great technology on OCR Text Scanner, you don’t have to anymore, because you can easily capture words, links, numbers and other text documents on any picture and picture Let’s draw.

Feel free to use the app to improve your on-screen hands-free experience. Simply take certain photos with an integrated camera from the app and it will allow you to capture all the text content available. Allow applications to automatically identify all characters so you don’t have to manually import them.

And with fully digitized content, you can make the most of your digital documents with a variety of editing options available.


To start enjoying the mobile app, you can simply download the free version of Text Scanner OCR on Google Play Store without payment. Feel free to enjoy many interesting features, as they allow you to easily digitize any text content. But if you want to enjoy a full-feature mobile app, there will be ads and in-app purchases you need to pay.

At the same time, make sure to provide camera permission, this permission is required to enable OCR features in the app. And if possible, you should let your Android device run the latest version of the base program.

Amazing features

Here are all the interesting features the app offers:

Impressive reading speed with high accuracy

Immediately, users in Text Scanner OCR can enjoy their impressive OCR experience right on the mobile app. Thanks to the highest reading speed and accuracy in the world, the app will make it easier to digitize text content. And with the ongoing improvements in recent updates, the app also provides much better accuracy and speed, making it great for mobile use. And even with dense texts and documents, always a problem for OCR apps, you can enjoy great results with Text Scanner OCR.

Support photos from your album

In addition to direct images, the app can easily work with photos and photos from your device album. So you can easily select your old photos and quickly export text documents to your mobile device. Use this feature to digitize your lesson photos or recorded notebook pages.

Work well with texts from different languages

To ensure that users can enjoy their OCR app in the fullest way, Text Scanner OCR also provides complete support for more than 50 different languages. Enjoy great mobile app, work with many texts and documents in many languages available.

Also working on handwriting

At the same time, you can even digitize your handwriting and activate precision-placed works in Text Scanner OCR. Activate complete text documents with even your most creative handwriting.

Completely digitized text for convenient use

With fully digitized texts, you can use their available documents quite conveniently. Start by visiting the available URLs on the collected text or making simple phone calls, thanks to the texts tagged. Copy the content into the clipboard and use them for other tasks. Email with digital documents. Save your text on Google Drive or Google Keep. Share them on Google+ or Google hangout. All of it will allow you to enjoy your mobile app in the fullest way.

Enjoy free app and get unlocked on our website

If you’re interested, you can enjoy Text Scanner OCR’s free unlocked app on our website. Here, a great mobile app offers many interesting and accessible features for you to use, no payment required. Simply download and install Text Scanner OCR MOD APK on our website, follow the instructions provided and you can be ready to use.

Download Text Scanner OCR MOD APK free for Android

With its simple and accessible features, Text Scanner OCR will allow users to easily digitize notes in writing, newspapers, magazines, books and more real-life documents. Just enable OCR technology on your device and the device can easily spot the words using your device’s camera.

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