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Come to Text or Die Mod to challenge yourself with interesting questions. The game is provided by a publisher specializing in producing fun entertainment titles, which is Rollic Games. This is a quiz game with, written answer style. Set in a sea, surrounded by scary sharks. Not only alone, but you will also compete with other players. Opponents will compete with you to find the battlefield. The game also combines survival elements. However, not open gameplay like other survival games. Instead, it is a puzzle to escape the attack of the sharks. Can survive at sea longer than the opponent. From there, you not only win but also show off your puzzle skills.

Download Text or Die Mod – Tower Building Puzzle To Escape from Sharks

The background of Text or Die Mod opens in a terrifying sea. Dangerous sharks appear everywhere. They are waiting for an opportunity to attack, turning people submerged by seawater into prey. Join the game, you appear on a survival tower. With the task of constantly building high towers to avoid being submerged by seawater. From there it is possible to escape the deadly attack of the sharks. As said earlier, you’re not the only one appearing on the waters. But there are many other players, they are your survival opponents. Each person comes from a different country in the world. They represent their country against other opponents. Every player will have to solve puzzles to survive on the sea.Tai Text or Die Mod

Gameplay, diverse answers

The gameplay of Text or Die Mod takes place in a puzzle style. With questions related to many different topics. The task of every player is to write the answer to the question. With the goal of building tall towers to survive. The number of floors the tower is built on is based on the number of letters in each answer. At the same time, after each question, the sea level will rise higher. Those who are submerged by seawater will become targets for shark attacks. Take turns through each puzzle. The last person left alive at sea wins. The highlight of the game is the variety of answers. In each question given from the system. There will be no exact answer, every player can come up with their own answers. The answer that is considered correct will have to match the content of the puzzle.Download Text or Die Mod

Skill, Intelligence

Puzzle skills are the main factor that determines the outcome of survival. To be able to pass the puzzles of Text or Die Mod. As well as winning against the remaining opponents. Players need to have the knowledge, thinking ability, and intelligence. Write down the correct answers, have many words to build the tower up. Do not be submerged by seawater to escape from dangerous sharks. Also, improve your puzzle skills through each question. Gain more knowledge to give correct answers. As each puzzle becomes more and more difficult. The questions are tougher than before, along with rising sea levels. Make you face many difficult challenges to survive.Game Text or Die Mod

Use the support, collect the golden key

In the process of solving the questions of Text or Die Mod. Sometimes, players will encounter some tough challenges. Because of the difficulty of the puzzle, could not find the correct answer to the topic. Hint support can be used for hints. From there you will find the correct answer. Or through Blocks to build more floors of the tower. Escape from a dangerous situation being submerged by seawater. However, each support requires the use of gold coins. Use the money earned from previous levels. You can pass the puzzles to win. Besides, don’t forget to collect golden keys. They appear in some puzzles. Through writing down the correct answer, you will collect. After the level is over, the key can be used to open the chests.Text or Die Mod

Text or Die Mod’s graphics are built on a 2D platform. Character creation is quite simple, with no facial expressions. Designed in the form of a dummy. The marine environment uses lots of bright colors. Combines the appearance of a small island, giving you a more realistic perspective. The towers, the standing position of each player are shown in their own distinctive colors. Together with the sharks, swim around the tower location. With flexible movements, for example when rushing to attack. Overall, the game’s graphics are quite simple. The fun activities that take place during the game are very interesting.

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