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We have seen many famous pirate movies in Vietnam as well as in the world. Aggressive pirates, rough appearance, whole life at sea. So, why don’t they live on land but spend all day floating on the water? All have a reason. There is an adventure game from the publisher HeroCraft Ltd. Content related to this topic. Will that gameplay tells us, discover secrets? Let’s find out together now. Tempest for gamers to participate in the role-playing role of infamous pirates on the blue ocean. Experience, discover what this villain does every day, what life is like. Along with the ship and his teammates participate in the extremely attractive pirate war.

Download Tempest Mod – Become the most notorious pirate at sea

Tempest Mod has fairly new gameplay, attracting everyone from the first time participating. Because of the adventure and role-playing games today, we all play good characters fighting to destroy the forces of darkness. When participating in this gameplay you will experience everything in reverse. Transform into the villain, carry out looting activities to survive at sea. The special thing about this gameplay has helped Tempest attract a large number of players. Although it has a selling price of more than 200,000 VND, there are still millions of people who spend money to experience it. Really good quality game content, completely worth the money I spent. For some of you who don’t have a good enough income to play this gameplay, don’t worry. The advantage of this mod version compared to the regular version is that you can download it completely for free.

Tempest Pirate Action RPG Premium mod apk

Explore the vast land

The journey to becoming a pirate with months of floating at sea will have many interesting things for you to discover. Large land with many islands scattered throughout the ocean. On the world map, there are many different seas. But the system will not open easily for you to experience and choose the place you like. Players will have to complete a certain number of tasks to unlock the new map. Each place has a unique feature, leaving its own impression in the hearts of players. The world is vast and vast, you can freely explore the scenery and nature here. Along with the interesting things are deadly dangers. Although pirates are the strongest force here. But there are still monsters with tremendous strength, huge size too. It is called a sea monster, keeping treasures here.

Game Tempest Pirate Action RPG Premium mod

Pirate ship

The pirate warship is uniquely designed, creatively branded. Unlike any other ship or boat. Just by seeing the flag flying on the ship, people can identify it as a pirate. Equipped with many modern combat weapons such as Flamethrowers, water cannons, cannons, etc… Also if you like the classic style: Bow, javelin, catapult, etc. … The system will not equip the ship itself. Depending on the preferences of the player, you can design and build a boat with the desired functions. To overcome challenges, conquer difficulties more easily. Upgrade your ship’s power. Make it a steed of steel, undefeated in all sea battles.

Tempest Pirate Action RPG Premium mod hack

Fight with teammates

Pirates also have their own team. Fortunately, in Tempest Mod you will be the most powerful leader of the pirate army. In naval battles, if you feel bored when you have to fight alone, invite your friends to join. PvP mode allows players to create rooms, form teams to participate in combat. You will not feel alone anymore because you already have friends to accompany you. In this mode when forming a party and inviting friends to fight with. Your army will meet other squads around the world. The war between pirates promises to have many interesting and exciting things.

Tempest Pirate Action RPG Premium mod apk

The main enemies in Tempest are not pirates, but monsters from the ocean. It is also the common enemy of all players when participating in this gameplay. A giant sea monster with a mouth as big as a Leviathan. With just one opening, you can swallow your entire battleship. Combine with other teams to build a strong pirate army. Together come up with strategies, smart battle plans. Download Tempest Mod with the pirate squad to destroy the sea monster.

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