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Are you interested in the life of a taxi driver? Love to experience exciting trips through many exciting cities around the world? Enjoy the feeling of driving and experience the exact simulators in different cabs, each has its own unique design and features. Start your way as a normal driver and head to the game to achieve great cars.

Taxi Sim 2020 MOD APK

Enjoy the fun as you go deep into dynamic and exciting driving simulator. Join a series of exciting driving challenges with all kinds of different goals and exciting gameplay. Enjoying beautiful graphics and the open world environment. Navigate your way through big cities and have fun with interesting passengers.

Learn more about this great mobile game with our reviews on Taxi Sim 2020 (MOD Unlimited Money).

The story

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves having access to another realistic and realistic taxi simulator from the famous Ovidiu Pop. And this time, the proud game has a bunch of interesting features and well upgraded features that you’ll definitely find interesting. Therefore, it’s time to go deeper into a much more practical and enjoyable experience with Taxi Sim 2020.

Here, you’ll be as a taxi driver working in some of the most beautiful cities in the world. London, Paris, New York, Rome, Miami, etc., drive yourself in these authentic locations, each has its own unique design and environment.
But more importantly, great driving experiences with vast environments, dynamic traffic, interesting passengers etc. it’s sure to make you feel like you’re really working on the road and inside your favorite taxi trip.

Have fun playing solo as you join a series of exciting taxi drivers challenges with diverse games and goals. Or enjoy the exciting online Multiplayer Part, where you can compete with friends and gamers from all over the world. Enjoy the next level of taxi simulation with this latest game from Ovidiu Pop.

Featured characteristics

Here, you’ll find all the fun features the game offers:

Playing with various types of cars

To get started, Android gamers in Taxi Sim 2020 will get access to fun and exciting taxi simulator gameplay with the latest upgrades from the famous game series. That means, here, you can play with various vehicles when you take your passengers through cities.

Start with your average taxi and rise to higher ranks when you find yourself driving on new SUVs, luxury cars, sports cars, etc. Have fun with great cars, each has its own design and specification. Buy high-end cars and upgrade your service to customers.

Traveling on vast cities with live environment

And for those you care about, you’ll also find yourself having access to great in-game cities, each city has its own role-playing environment. Feel free to enjoy fun as you explore great cities and take your taxi simulator game to the extreme.

Enjoy various driving challenges with your unique taxi, meet unique clients and have fun with transportation in each city. And most importantly, for those of you who love traveling, the beautiful and well-designed cities will ensure the most authentic experience when you’re driving on it.
It’s like you have the opportunity to travel all those cities, like with Bus Simulator Indonesia, but only this time, you’ll travel the world. Deep into famous and beautiful cities when you discover them in the fullest way.

Intuitive and practical touch control

Also, to make the game more realistic and interesting, the gamers in Taxi Sim 2020 will also find themselves accessible to the practical control system with many interesting and role-playing features. That’s saying, you’ll definitely find the practical controls with leaning steering, virtual touch button and virtual steering wheel is absolutely incredible. Here, you can entertain with great touch controls as you overcome different challenges. These will make you feel like you’re actually driving on realistic roads.

Actual driving simulator with so many interactive features

For those of you interested, Taxi Sim 2020 is also proud to have many interesting elements that significantly increase your role-playing and engagement with the game. It says, you’ll find the actual features of your car in your driving game to be absolutely incredible.

Your car will get dirty when you drive, especially when it rains. And if you collide with others or on road objects, the actual damage system will also give the exact damage to your car that needs maintenance.

Plus, the diverse amount of passengers along with your driver’s own interests will surely make each of your trips a lot more enjoyable. That means, some of them prefer safer and more stable journeys, while others won’t mind if you speed up some more.

With the precise weather system and dynamic specialized in each city, combined with their spectacular environment and role-playing design, the game will make you feel like you’re really driving on the road.

Authentic and smart AI traffic

For those of you who are interested, the gamers in Taxi Driver 2020 will also find themselves enjoying realistic city traffic with smart and diverse AI traffic. They include a variety of cars, trucks, trucks, motorcycles and bikes that will pass you every time you’re on the road. Plus, great traffic for pedestrians will also make things more accurate when you find yourself in each city. Follow the rules and regulations as you move to bring safe travels to your passengers and others.

Enjoying the game in different modes

In-game, Android gamers will also find themselves having access to various games that you can enjoy and have fun:

Career – start your in-game journey by having fun in exciting Career challenges. Get on your normal taxi and work your way up in the big city. Pick up and bring your passengers to a safe and healthy destination. Collect money to upgrade your trips and comfortably embrace new challenges in new cities.

Roam free – in addition, with big cities and rich traffic, you will also find yourself exploring and enjoying great environments, each has its own unique features and features. Go deep into great game and have fun.

Taxi Sim 2020 MOD APK

Multiplayer – and for whom you are interested, you can also entertain your friends and taxi drivers online in an interesting Multiplayer mode. Enjoy exciting trips with your passengers and compete with other drivers in the Chart.

Have fun with weekly challenges and new cars in each update

And for those you care about, you’ll also find yourself having access to exciting weekly challenges in-game. Feel free to join as you collect all kinds of rewards for your driver.

At the same time, if you feel like driving on new vehicles with certain designs on your mind, then you can contact Taxi Sim 2020 for new vehicles. Feel free to enjoy these amazing trips when you contact the publisher on their Social Page.

Play for free

Despite all those great features, the game is now free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. Gotta say, you can easily locate and download the game from the Google Play Store without paying any fees.

Enjoy unlimited money with our mod

However, since the game is still a free game title, it’s definitely inevitable for advertising and in-game purchases. As a result, you might want to use the unlimited money mod of the game on our website, which will provide more fun ways to play. You just need to download and install APK Taxi Sim 2020 Mod on our website. Enjoy the fun of unlimited in-game purchases, enjoy ad-free games and more.

Graphics and sound quality


Taxi Sim 2020 MOD APK

Get fully immersed into the great taxi sim 2020 taxi sim as you enjoy the game to the fullest. Have fun driving on accurate and practical vehicles with great design. Deep into beautiful cities around the world with iconic construction. And most importantly, the real life environment and traffic will make you feel like you’re driving your own real taxi. In addition, with adjustable image options, you can also enjoy the game on your various Android devices without experiencing a slow or recoil.

Sound of the song

On the other hand, great and powerful sound effects throughout your in-game journey will allow gamers to completely fall into their gamers. That means, with Taxi Sim 2020, you’ll find yourself exploring and experiencing great sound in-game with honest car engine sound, visual environmental sound effects, and more interesting soundtrack. Feel free to join the exciting driving challenges and experience the true taxi driving game.

Download the latest APK Taxi Sim free for Android

Taxi Sim 2020 MOD APK

For those of you interested in a true taxi driving experience, Taxi Sim 2020 will be one of the best mobile games available. In saying so, you will surely find yourself happy to drive on its great game. Plus, with beautiful cities to visit, beautiful vehicles to explore and many interesting tasks to enjoy, you’ll never find yourself boring with Taxi Sim 2020. Yet telling that the game is also free and unlocked on our website. totally an opportunity for any of you.

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