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Taxi Sim 2020 Mod is a taxi driving simulator. It gives gamers realistic driving moments in a detailed open world and realistic weather conditions. Here you will have dozens of unique missions to drive as a public taxi driver or private driver. You have to satisfy your customers by driving and delivering them to the specified destination on time. Besides, please obey traffic and safety laws. They will come to you again if they like your working style. You can unlock trips to major cities around the world, serve VIP customers, and get great tips. Don’t hesitate to take it and shop, design your taxi. Moreover, work hard while enjoying the beautiful graphics and environment in this game.

Download Taxi Sim 2020 Mod – Super realistic driving simulation gameplay

What do you think about the job of a taxi driver? If you haven’t experienced it yet, come to Taxi Sim 2020 and give it a try. This simulation game is really impressive with its surreal simulation gameplay and high-end graphics. It gives you amazing journeys while driving from the first and third-person perspectives. Besides, with a unique car collection, it is a paradise for car enthusiasts. And with the detailed and vast designed open world, the game will help you explore every corner of the world. Everything in this game is enough to captivate you for hours of experience. Drive, pick up customers and become the richest taxi driver in the city, what do you think?


Become a taxi driver and serve customers

You will play one as a taxi driver in this game. The game will automatically suggest tasks for you to drive and earn money like a real driver. But depending on your skills, you can attract a lot of potential customers or none. And your wealth is also determined by you. In each mission, your journey will take place in order. First, you drive to a certain location, pick up passengers, drive to the required place, drop off passengers and receive money respectively. For a productive trip, make sure you pick up passengers on time and drop them off at the right place at the right time. Besides, please meet all the needs that customers expect. They will come back again if you do well.

Driving is not too difficult, but you need to master it to drive as well as you can. You can click the arrows on the screen to navigate the vehicle, and also click the accelerator and brake icons for fine control. On the way, you need to obey traffic rules such as slowing down when there is a regulation sign, stopping at a red light, parking on the side of the road, and turning on the signal light when turning left/right… But sometimes, you no need to worry about that. Some customers just want to get to their destination as quickly as possible to be on time regardless of whether they are going legally or not. However, as a driver, ensure the safety of your customers.


Upgrade vehicles and expand the map

You will start your career in Taxi Sim 2020 Mod with a regular taxi. But if you work hard and efficiently, you will get great bonuses for shopping for more cars. The game gives you a variety of exciting options from SUVs to luxury cars, supercars, sports cars, and more. Each car has its own look and specifications for you to admire in the garage and while driving. Use the first driving mode to enjoy their cockpit or the third driving mode to see the whole body.

You can also design your own vehicle with customization options. Accordingly, you can change the paint color, wheels, and rims, and upgrade the car to change the stats. With a better car, you will have the opportunity to reach more advanced customers. They will pay more and even give you tips to increase your driver’s salary. Over time, you can also access new areas on the map. You will go to New York, Miami, Rome or Los Angeles and enjoy the famous views.


The detailed and realistic environment

The game world is depicted vividly and in detail, highlighting the beauty of the open city. There you can see stunning landscapes from tall buildings and streets to modern cars, world-famous landmarks, and more. The driving effects, collisions, and weather conditions are equally realistic. You can feel the difficulty when driving in the open air or when the volume of traffic on the road becomes crowded. Everything is so real, this is what makes this game irresistible.

Taxi Sim 2020 Mod will not disappoint you with its surreal simulation gameplay. You will become a taxi driver and conquer all the missions of the game to develop your career. Your life is associated with cars and long trips. But it’s full of fun and inspiration when you can drive from a realistic perspective and enjoy amazing views from the environment.

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