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Tap Away Mod will challenge your brain in super addictive puzzle levels. It is these puzzles that have attracted millions of fans around the globe. In each puzzle, your job is to remove the cubes in all directions until all available blocks are completed. Each block will have a unique direction of movement, and you are the one to find the direction for it. Don’t swipe around when you don’t have a puzzling plan. The game will limit your moves at each level. If you haven’t completed the level and your turn is over, you have to start over from the beginning. Let’s see how many puzzles you will complete here.

Download Tap Away Mod – Solve puzzles to train your brain

Most puzzle games are brain-training, and Tap Away is no exception. This game offers hundreds of levels corresponding to hundreds of puzzles. Each puzzle will not be limited in time, so you can solve it for as long as you like. Besides, each puzzle is a different context. The shapes of the blocks, their positions, and more will change through the levels. That’s why you always need a new plan to solve puzzles when entering new levels. And it is this that will motivate you to spend hours playing.


Simple gameplay mechanics

This game is built with fairly simple and easy-to-understand gameplay. However, conquering every level here is not as easy as you think. In each level, what you get is a large block made up of small cubes. Each such small block will have a certain direction of movement (up, down, left, or right). Your task is to remove these blocks from the big block to score points. To do this, you just need to touch the block and swipe in the correct direction.

Your swipe direction should coincide with the corresponding movement direction of the cube. When it does, it will automatically disappear from the screen. The more blocks removed, the higher the score. Until you remove the last block, you win a level. Just like that, the game will unlock new levels with the same gameplay. You need to conquer all levels to become the best puzzle player on this planet. However, at each level, you need to pay attention to the number of moves. Try to complete each puzzle within this turn limit.


Customize blocks with different themes

After completing a puzzle, you will receive a reward consisting of bonuses and accumulated points. When you reach a certain score, you have the right to unlock new themes to customize your experience. Specifically, you can unlock new skins for the cubes. Do you like blue, yellow, or red blocks? The design of blocks is also very diverse. Choose the ones that work for you and enjoy them during the puzzle process. With a new interface and design, the puzzles in Tap Away Mod will become more refreshing.


The challenge is getting harder

Of course, the difficulty of the puzzles will get higher and higher as the level progresses. You will start with a super easy level where you just need to solve one block with a few cubes. But then the size and structure of blocks will become more complex at new levels. Their shape and position are also different, thereby creating a new puzzle for you. In other words, each level is a unique puzzle. There are no coincidences between the levels. Prepare separate puzzle plans for each puzzle.

If you don’t mind the difficulty, try to play to levels 20 and up. That’s when you will try your hand at giant blocks with hundreds of small cubes made up. Each block will have a certain direction of movement but are close together. You must decrypt the small blocks one by one if you want to unwrap the other blocks. Besides, the number of moves will be reduced. Therefore, you need to think carefully before you want to teleport any block. Puzzles like these will help train your mind and reasoning ability.


Simple and colorful 3D design

This game is built with 3D graphics but is very simple. The main character in each puzzle is a large block of many small cubes. These blocks are all the same color and they are soothing colors that relax your eyes and soothe your spirit. Besides, you can rotate the blocks in the direction you want to refresh your view. Moreover, accompanying the puzzle process is soothing background music, both relaxing and stimulating creativity.

There is no doubt about the appeal of Tap Away Mod because it is a great puzzle game. You will find in this game puzzles that are both simple and difficult. They not only help you show off your puzzle talent but also help train your mind, stimulate creativity, improve logical thinking, and more. So, download this game to access useful quizzes wherever you are on your phone.

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