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Get ready for endless races in the Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod game. Mission to accompany the cat superhero, Tom. Join the adventure to rescue your friends. It’s Angela, Ginger, Ben, and Hank. They were all captured by Rakoonz. From that journey will find the strength to overcome the challenges. The content is played out with an interesting story. Will bring attractive racing gameplay for you to enjoy. Also, have the opportunity to enjoy the vividness of 3D graphics. With sharp image quality and stunning racing effects. At the same time, there are many new features provided by the publisher. Includes costumes to change the appearance of cat Tom. Valuable items will be collected during the race.

Download Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod – The Endless Race of Super Hero Cat Tom

The content of the game Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod is racing style. When participating will accompany the cat Tom to become a superhero. Go on adventures in multiple locations. With endless running gameplay until you hit an obstacle to stop. Will help you enjoy the fun of being on the journey of the cat Tom. Go on a mission to rescue your friends who are being held captive.Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod

Explore many places

Through the adventure in the game Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod. There will be opportunities to explore many different locations. Includes a mysterious temple that disappeared from the world, an ancient city, desert land, and a snowy mountain top. Each location opens up a beautiful backdrop. With a vivid design of the surrounding environment and landscape. For example, in an ancient city, different vehicles will appear. These are cars, trains, passenger cars, and signs. Or snowy mountains with dangerous traps like icebergs. Wooden boards in the way and evil foxes. Over time experiencing the game, there will be an opportunity to learn about all the locations.Game Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod

Gameplay, actions

The process of racing in Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod. Will be divided into 3 different lanes. Superhero cat Tom will automatically run forward at a certain speed. At the same time will have to perform different actions to dodge. Including jumping, sliding, and changing lanes to the left or right. The aim is not to collide with the obstacles. Can continue the race to increase achievement points. Here, based on the distance traveled will correspond to the achievement achieved. Show through the score, after a racing adventure ends. Can continue to participate in new journeys. Prove yourself by surpassing previous achievements.Tai Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod

Collect gold coins

From the endless gameplay racing of Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod. Gold coins appeared scattered on the road. They are the factors that help you enhance the abilities of the superhero cat Tom. So it is necessary to collect to accumulate large quantities. Observing and changing direction is suitable for each location where gold coins appear. After that, it can be used to upgrade the features of the items. Also, unlock many new outfits. Change the look of Tom’s cat to become more prominent.

Defeat the ferrets that get in the way

In addition to the obstacles and traps that need to be dodged. Through the racing process in the game Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod. Still have to face a lot of enemies on the way. Those are the ferrets equipped with various weapons. They appear scattered throughout the adventure. Aim to stop the cat Tom from moving forward to rescue the friends. Although it is possible to dodge and not directly collide with them. You can choose to attack by running directly to the ferrets. Then superhero cat Tom will automatically perform attacks to knock down. Also increases the number of defeated enemies on the counter. Finishing a race will help you increase achievement points.Download Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod

A lot of different items will be found on the track of Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod. Includes magnet, lightning bolt, a gold pot, and defense shield. Each item type has its own unique ability. Will support the cat superhero Tom to get a higher score. As well as giving strength to be able to overcome challenges. For example, lightning that is instantly collected will gain a fast speed. No pitfalls can prevent Tom’s cat from moving forward. But can only be used for a short distance. Or the defensive shield will protect Tomcat for a while against dangerous obstacles.

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