Tailed Demon Slayer Mod APK 1.4.00 (Menu, Money, VIP, Everlasting, Onehit, Cooldown)

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Tailed Demon Slayer Mod is an idle role-playing game where you become a hero and take part in the war against undead enemies. Your mission is to learn combat skills from a master, then practice them on the battlefield to destroy every enemy along the way. Moreover, you need to constantly upgrade with new equipment and improve stats. You can also alternate between weapons to become a mage, archer, or knight. There are dozens of opportunities for you to get stronger every day and gain amazing powers before meeting the undead bosses. The hunt and development come to life with eye-catching effects and lively sound. What are you waiting for? Join it now.

Download Tailed Demon Slayer Mod – Incarnate a hero in the idle war

The game brings you to a peaceful small town, Bestia. But it is slowly being destroyed by undead enemies from the dark world. They gathered in the streets beneath King Richie’s castle and instilled fear in all the guards, the inhabitants, and all other creatures. Against that backdrop, a master recruited a hero and trained him to fight the enemy and protect the town. That person is you, who will participate in zombie wars. Through the initial tutorials, you can immediately grasp the gameplay mechanics. Then you can act on your own in the endless battle journey. Although the combat mechanics are idle, show your potential to win.


Learn skills and fight

The hero’s battle journey in the game takes place continuously, wave after wave. So you will have to work non-stop until you clear all the undead enemies forever. Waves of enemies will come in large groups, and your task is to destroy them to advance deeper into their lair. To do this, simply tap the corresponding skill on the screen and navigate up to the target. However, each skill has a certain cooldown. Therefore, you need to act at the right time, on the right target, and flexibly to take advantage. Don’t let the enemy get too close if you don’t want HP damage. But you also need to keep a certain distance from them to deal with damage effectively.

If you don’t want to be cumbersome, you should choose the “Auto” feature so that the hero automatically navigates and attacks. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the thrilling action and tweak the upgrade strategy. Your hero must be upgraded to progress over time because the enemies are getting more and more crowded and powerful. At some levels, you will have to face bosses with huge HP. Be prepared for battles with them. Through battles, you will have the opportunity to discover tons of different monsters and collect worthy loot. A hero like you will be admired by the world.


Non-stop upgrading

The upgrade element is indispensable in an idle RPG title like Tailed Demon Slayer Mod. There are many ways to do this, the most typical is to upgrade the hero’s level. Besides, you can add different equipment to the hero, such as weapons, shoes, armor, rings, enhancement items, and more. In it, there are 4 most basic weapons, helping you to switch hero types as soon as the battle is happening. Specifically, it is the bow, sword, and magic staff, corresponding to the hero classes of archers, swordsmen, warriors, and magicians. And each such hero class will have its own unique set of skills to discover.

Up to 4 skills need to be unlocked in the hero’s progress. Furthermore, up to 8 equipment slots can be filled. Besides, you can also directly upgrade the hero’s stats, including ATK (damage), HP, and Healing ability. Each upgrade requires you to pay gold or even gems. So, fight hard to get more loot dropped from hordes of Undead enemies. Huge Bosses will help you get gems, relics, and more. Do not hesitate to use them to unlock skins or to upgrade the hero’s appearance.


Fun design, eye-catching effects

The best thing about this game is the vividly described battles on the 2D graphics platform. It depicts in detail the appearance of heroes and enemies and each unique skill move. You will find that every move comes with vivid effects and sounds, creating explosive battles. The battlefield scene is also quite diverse, from jungle to dungeon, village road, and more. The enemy system is also getting richer with animal zombies and giant bosses.

Don’t miss the Tailed Demon Slayer Mod to jump right into this addictive idle role-playing adventure. This is your chance to become a hero and discover your power. Will you be an archer, knight, or mage? Choose your favorite form of combat and enjoy spectacular skill moves along the way.

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