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Have you ever thought of becoming the main character in a movie? If yes, try that feeling when you play Tabou Stories Mod. It is a visual novel game loved by millions of mobile gamers. That’s thanks to the rich story system available, allowing you to role-play a variety of characters and develop the story to your liking. As the main character, you have the power to decide what happens. You can choose the type of outfit you like for parties, decide the relationship with someone and its ending. Express your love views in the stories here. Just click to choose one of the answers for each puzzle, then enjoy the surprise ending at the end of the story. New content added weekly will keep you fresh all the time.

Download Tabou Stories Mod – Role-play and interact in unique stories

The visual novel genre has become extremely popular among mobile gamers. But Tabou Stories is always the first choice to enjoy the appeal of this genre. It gives you the opportunity to explore many stories in the female lead role. That means you will be surrounded by many other characters, including rich and hot guys. Moreover, the game offers hundreds of interesting puzzles and options. Based on that, you can influence the story and direct it in your favorite direction. Besides, with realistic design, the game brings a lively feeling every time you interact. The images of male and female characters are very hot. The dialogue is well done and the music is captivating.


Explore the story system

The game has an extremely diverse collection of stories. Let’s take a look at the most prominent names.

BODYGUARD: In this story, you are attracted to a strong man who saved you from an accident. Find a way to win his heart and enjoy the fascinating, romantic story chapters.

HOW TO RUIN YOUR BOSS: You start a secretarial job at a big company, and your boss is super handsome and rich. You are always haunted by his coldness. But let’s decide what that sentiment is, pure admiration or true love?

THE PROPOSAL: You receive an attractive offer from a mysterious billionaire. He and you will be traveling for the whole week and you need to meet his requirements. Behind the cold exterior, you seem to recognize the deep feelings inside this person. But how will you decide? Should everything just stop at work or go deep into a hot relationship? The choice is yours.

MATCHMAKER: Enjoy a vibrant story in Tabou Stories Mod when you are a female star. You’ll have access to epic parties, meet famous models and walk the red carpet in gorgeous outfits. But among the celebrities you meet, there’s also your ex-model, a romantic bad boy. In this story, you need to choose wisely to find true love and avoid unfortunate scandals. The lavish and magnificent world of Hollywood is always filled with unexpected pitfalls.


Design your own character

To immerse yourself in the stories, don’t forget to design your characters. The game gives you a great collection of costumes with impressive accessories. Choose the right outfits to make yourself the most prominent star. A pair of business pants will suit your secretarial work, or a gorgeous outfit will be great for night parties with celebrities. Moreover, you can build your own character personality. Through your choices, you show who you are in love, career, and lifestyle.


Enjoy lots of fun endings

The quizzes in the game will come with two to three answers. Through the selection, you decide what happens next. Ultimately, a sequence of choices affects the outcome of the story. It can be a happy ending or a tragic ending, it’s up to you. But every ending is worth exploring, right? If you’re not satisfied, that’s okay because you can play it over and over again and choose differently. Take the time to enjoy all the situations that occur in the story. Many surprises will attract you for a long time in this game.

So, is Tabou Stories Mod what you’re looking for? Explore the game boldly to immerse yourself in stories that are both dramatic and romantic and sweet. Choose the type of story you like, design the characters and choose to direct the story to your liking. Are you ready to do that? The game is free here to download to your phone.

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