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Race with fun pets in the game STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod. You will be immersed in the exciting world of cute pets. This is an entertaining game, designed with racing gameplay. Open exciting races according to each level of play. With a lot of unique features provided by CASUAL AZUR GAMES. You can freely explore the most interesting things. From bright graphics, lively environments, to fun sounds. Incorporating Ragdoll physics effects. Along with a diverse pet system, beautifully and cutely shaped. Along with that is the mission system, countless challenges are waiting for you to overcome. Not stopping there, the control mechanism is optimized. The design is quite simple, can be easily used to control.

Download STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod – Pet Race and Competition

As introduced, the mission system of STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod takes place in each level. Each level is an obstacle race. Your mission is to control the pet to conquer the challenges. Also, compete with other pets. They are controlled by intelligent AI. Successfully reaching the finish line with the leading position. From there will win to complete the mission. Then you can continue to participate in races in new levels of play. The challenge will gradually increase, the number of obstacles is more than before. Especially the fierce competition between pets becomes more and more intense. Make the difficulty of the race more interesting. Overcome each challenge in the race in turn. Winning the game you also have the opportunity to receive many attractive prizes.STAR Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod

Each level is divided into several stages

Each racing level of STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod is divided into stages. In the first stage, in the presence of 60 pets. You will compete with them to find the first 30 pets to the finish line. You can then proceed to the next stage. Compete with the remaining pets to find the best 16 pets. Not stopping there, sometimes the system opens another interesting stage. Pets with good records will continue to compete in real-time. For a maximum of 2 minutes, they will have to attack each other. Along with the appearance of obstacles during competition. The pet with the highest score will win in the end. Based on the ranked position achieved, the reward received will be accordingly.Download STAR Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod

Obstacles, skills

During the competitive races of STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod. There are many different obstacles you need to face. The objects swing automatically, the column rotates, the wall goes up and down automatically. The road runs backward, the fruits fall freely from above, etc. There are many other obstacles that will appear at different levels. To be able to overcome them requires your mobility skills to be very flexible. Combined observation of the movement of each obstacle. Move quickly and accurately so as not to be affected by them. At the same time avoid the objects in the way ahead. Sometimes you even have to squeeze other opponents. By actively moving to push other pets into the obstacles. This will reduce the number of competitors.Game STAR Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod

Customize your pet’s appearance

To help players not get bored when participating. As well as creating new experiences in the races of STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod. Publishers offer a variety of customization options. Allows you to design your pet’s appearance in your own style. With 3 main customization types, including face, body, and expression. Each customization has lots of different options to explore. For example a cunning face, along with a yellow body. Or a cute face with a funny expression. Depending on your personalization style, can be customized as desired. Besides, use bonuses earned from previous races. Through the store, you can also shop for many other things.Tai STAR Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod

The control interface of STAR: Super Tricky Amazing Run Mod couldn’t be simpler. Optimized design, to increase the experience, easy to control. To move and navigate the pet, through the virtual joystick control button. Placed in the left corner of the screen. Just tap and swipe to perform the move. Likewise, the right side of the screen shows the pet’s icon. As soon as you touch it, it will perform a jumping action. Help your pet jump over obstacles during the race.

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