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Super Stylist Mod is a place for you to express your creativity and fashion point of view. It allows you to become the owner of a fashion boutique where many people go for advice on makeup, outfits, and more. They are your customers and your mission is to please them to earn money. Choose outfits that are stunning and tailored to each client’s needs to make them stand out like never before. The more customers, the more popular your salon will become and attract more people, including famous stars. At that time, you can make a lot of money to design your life, expand your fashion collection, and a series of new events and shows. You can also strut your stuff on the catwalk and show off your personality, what could be better?

Download Super Stylist Mod – Fashion design and become famous

Have you ever thought of becoming an influencer in the fashion industry? So Super Stylist is the place to make that dream come true. It is an authentic virtual world and at the same time a fashion paradise. Girls or anyone can easily love this game because of its vivid 3D design and the story it brings. It is not a collection of ordinary fashion design tasks. It’s a real-life where you own your own business as a designer, consultant, and even model. Your decisions affect your popularity in the fashion world. You choose your style, how you build your image, how you approach your customers, and everything.


Satisfy your customers

You start a job as the owner of a small fashion shop created by yourself. Your mission is to help your customers choose outfits for special parties. They will let you know their needs via text or call. For example, someone will say “I need a dress for a date” or “I need a dress for that big evening party”… Every client has different needs and they are willing to pay if they feel satisfied. But make sure you can meet their needs. Check your closet and see what’s there.

If you have something customers need, they will come to the store and try on the item. Take them into the dressing room and choose the necessary items for their outfit. Besides the required clothes, you have the right to choose the accessories that go with you. Consider the right shoe style to match the outfit, or add earrings, and a bag and choose the most subtle make-up. Customers may come back to you again if they love your consultation. They also do not hesitate to recommend your fashion salon to more people. And you can see the series of requests from your phone. Immerse yourself in hours of experience like a true fashion expert.


Design a private virtual life

Besides working as a fashion consultant, you also have real-life in Super Stylist Mod. Accordingly, you can choose your style and impress other designers in competitions. You have the right to choose your outfit, hairstyle, makeup, shoes, and many other accessories. After that, you will participate in important fashion events, such as fashion launches or movie festival parties. At that time, you will have the opportunity to meet new friends, including famous models.

Thus, you also create your own brand. You can select the best models to wear your designs. Over time, fashion contests and consulting orders will bring you a lot of money. Use it to unlock new collections and other unique accessories. You need more fresh things in your inventory to attract new customers. And you need them to change your style according to the trends of the fashion market.


Realistic and vivid 3D design

The game is designed with 3D graphics, bringing beautiful and realistic images. The images of the characters and costumes are really impressive. The characters also have many unique expressions and the ability to perform professional catwalks. The fashion collection is super diverse with many different types of clothes and accessories. You can combine them your way to create the most perfect outfits. Game scenes such as catwalks, design studios, shops, and more are also very realistic and diverse.

Overall, Super Stylist Mod has everything you need for a fashion designer game. It owns a super-rich and constantly updated fashion collection. You will have the opportunity to showcase your design talents to delight your clients and shape your personal style. Moreover, this is your life, where you choose your own direction in the bustling fashion village.

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