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Super MoonBox 2 Mod is a post-apocalyptic simulation game. Designed in a fun sandbox style. The game is a combination of two elements of construction and combat. You become the leader of the people, leading them to build a settlement. Also, fight with zombies that can appear at any time. This is a free zombie simulator game from the publisher Artem Karpenko. With lots of activities going on for you to explore and do. In particular, you are not a person who directly survives in the game. Instead, it will help everyone who is lucky enough to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Build a new resettlement site that can withstand the harsh environment of nature. As well as fighting zombies trying to attack.

Download Super MoonBox 2 Mod – Building Sandbox Game Combines Zombie Combat

The interface of the Super MoonBox 2 Mod is very impressively designed. Divide into categories according to different factors for you to do. With 5 main items, designed through icons including people, zombies, weapons, trees, and vehicles. Items are displayed in the left corner of the screen in a vertical row. After selecting an item, a series of elements of the item you selected will appear. They are located at the bottom of the screen with a lot of related components. For example, when you select the human icon, the bottom of the screen will display a lot of people with different occupations. Besides, when you want to perform a desired activity. Just touch the thing you want to control, then use the on-screen controls to do it.Game Super MoonBox 2 Mod

Construction of resettlement area

Building a settlement after the destruction of the world is the work you need to do right from the start of Super MoonBox 2 Mod. Manage people to work more efficiently. Divide each person’s work according to their occupation. Each person will do a separate job. Including construction, gathering materials, mining resources. To build a complete resettlement site. It will take a while, with lots of hard work. Requires your management ability to be able to perform all tasks smoothly. Besides building resettlement areas to give people shelter. As well as surviving in harsh environments. You also have to build fences to protect them from zombies. Use the collected trees. Build a strong fence around the resettlement site. From that,Super MoonBox 2 Mod

Fight with zombies and monsters

Zombie is the main enemy of the survivors in Super MoonBox 2 Mod. Zombies are people who have died, turned into zombies, and returned to the settlement. Not only humans, but monsters from the depths of the forest can also appear. Your mission is to lead people to fight the zombies to protect the settlement. As well as protecting the lives of all people living in the resettlement area. Zombies can appear at any time, be it day or night. They usually attack in large numbers. However, when night falls, zombies are stronger than ever. At the same time, their number also increased more than during the day. Therefore, you need to be alert at night, ready to mobilize everyone to fight when zombies appear.Ear Super MoonBox 2 Mod

Build a smithy to craft weapons

Weapons are one of the main tools for people in the settlement to fight zombies. Here, you need to build a smithy to produce weapons. With a lot of different weapons provided by Super MoonBox 2 Mod. Includes bombs, grenades, mines, baseball bats, bows and arrows, axes, swords, even guns. Each weapon is forged from a variety of materials. Use materials that people collect. You can create a variety of weapons to equip each person. As soon as zombies appear, they will use to attack. The stronger the weapon, the more everyone’s fighting ability will be. Can kill all zombies quickly.Download Super MoonBox 2 Mod

In a huge world at Super MoonBox 2 Mod. If you want to move safer, as well as go faster to remote locations. Vehicles are things that will make your travel more convenient. At the same time can ensure the safety of the operator inside. When they can drive at a fast speed, making it impossible for zombies to catch up if detected. The game offers a lot of different car models for you to explore. Typical like cars, pickup trucks, and more.

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