Summoner’s Greed Mod APK 1.50.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Immortal, Onehit, No Cooldown)

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Summoner’s Greed Mod is one of the standout tower defense games on mobile. It will bring you hundreds of missions in campaign mode and many other unique events. During the quests, you must build defenses against the king’s legion. It’s time to show your strategic talent. Combine towers, monsters, and magic skills to conquer the battles. The loot for you is gold coins, gems, and valuable antiques. Moreover, you can rank up on the leaderboard to compete with your friends. Other players will be overwhelmed with your achievements. Enjoy it now.

Download Summoner’s Greed Mod – Classic tower defense gameplay

The strategic element in Summoner’s Greed can keep you hooked for hours. Although it is not too new, it still makes a great impression on players. This time, it brings you into the new great war. You will transform into a mean mage – who has just robbed a valuable loot chest from the king’s castle. Before you could escape, the king rang the alarm. Now, you must confront the king’s legion to protect your spoils. It’s a long battle through hundreds of different levels. The battles will be increasingly difficult and unpredictable. How long will you last against waves of attacks from the enemy?


Against the king’s legion

Your defensive journey is clearly shown in campaign mode. There, you’ll have to fend off the king’s legion of peasants, woodworkers, magicians, knights, horsemen, and more. They will attack in successive waves at each level. In particular, they will move in a certain orbit. You need to define this trajectory to set up a defense. Besides, for different types of troops, you should have your own defense strategy. Set up a stronger barricade near the main tower area, where your mage resides. If the king reaches this place, you will fail and have to start over. If you defeat enemy troops, you will get more gold coins to become rich.


Recruit your army of monsters

So who are your defenses? Unlike many other games, this time, you will lead the army of monster defense. Your warriors will include funny slimes, hellhounds, goblins, dark wizards, giants, and many other unknown monsters. Each monster unit has its own skills and characteristics, creating variety in your defense. Your job is to get to know each monster well and use them effectively. Each unit will correspond to a tower on the battlefield. You just need to click on each tower position and choose the right monster to set up a defense.

Besides, the monster system in Summoner’s Greed Mod is divided into different ranks. You can find cards ranging from rare to rare and the highest to legendary. The rarer the card, the higher the value, and the better the effect. However, you will have to spend a lot of money to own them. Some legendary cards will even require you to spend gems instead of gold coins. In addition, monster cards can be upgraded over time. Do it often to improve the strength of the defense. The monsters after each upgrade for better damage, health, and defense.


Additional skills and items

Besides monster towers and cards, don’t miss the unique magical skills in this game. Those are mage moves, including fireballs, ice rain, lightning bolts, and more. They can help you turn the tide of battle. Besides, the game brings a lot of different auxiliary items. They will help you upgrade towers and monsters quickly. Some other items can help heal and increase damage. Find and unlock them in the game’s store. You will need them to increase the power of your mixed army.


Simple but impressive design

Compared to many games of the same genre, this game is somewhat simpler in terms of graphics. However, it still depicts everything well, from the battlefield setting to the character’s appearance, skills and effects. As a result, you will have battles in bright and colorful arenas. You will have the opportunity to admire the humorous beauty of the monsters. Besides, the combat effects are also very eye-catching. The vibrant background music also contributes to creating the heat for all defense battles.

With interesting and new features, Summoner’s Greed Mod has always been loved by many players. So what do you think about this game? It may appeal to you in typical tower defense battles. There, you are the strategic commander who decides how to arrange and lay out the defense. Moreover, you will compete with your friends on the leaderboard. So you always have two challenging battles, one on the battlefield, the other on the leaderboard.

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