Strike Force Heroes: FPS 3D 1.1.1 (Unlimited Money) Download

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The shooting theme always opens up dramatic battles. Come to Strike Force Heroes: FPS 3D Mod to role-play as a gunman. You will have the opportunity to compete with worthy competitors. They are gunmen controlled by intelligent AI. Possess fighting skills like a real player. The game belongs to the action role-playing genre. With offline gameplay, you can experience it anytime, anywhere. In particular, to bring the most attractive shooting wars. Fun Actions FPS 3D provider opens various modes. You can play as a team or compete alone. Along with that is the impressive graphics system. Sharp image quality, realistic effects. Unique weapon system combo. Promises to bring a great action shooting feeling.

Download Strike Force Heroes: FPS 3D Mod – Become a Gunman to Join the Offline Shooting War

Before entering the battles of Strike Force Heroes: FPS 3D Mod. You can learn through the content of this role-playing game. Revolving around the story of an elite member of the task force. Well trained and have passed the harsh tests. Complete the challenges to become a professional shooter. Now, you will play the role of a gunman to perform a secret mission. Equip weapons to make combat tools. Includes sniper rifle, submachine gun, and grenades to use. Stop the criminals who are trying to destroy the peace of the world. Through battles to destroy all enemies. From there it is possible to protect the world from the plots of terrorists. Complete missions to achieve excellent achievements.Strike Force Heroes FPS 3D Mod

Quests, achievements, and difficulty

The gameplay of Strike Force Heroes: FPS 3D Mod takes place in real-time. In the first-person perspective, using the equipped weapon. Your mission is to destroy all the criminals. Limit loss of life and shoot down as many enemies as possible. After the time is over, the fight will stop. Based on the number of kills you gain during the battle. Along with the number of times lost due to enemy attacks. The system will rank you and other shooters. Rewards will be commensurate with achievements. Then you can join the new war. Face opponents with superior shooting and combat skills. At the same time, the terrain of the battlefield is changed, taking place in a new location. Along with a much more intense and intense battle tempo than before.Download Strike Force Heroes FPS 3D Mod

Skills are very important

During the shooting battle of Strike Force Heroes: FPS 3D Mod. It can be said that skill is one of the main factors that directly determine the results. Including skills to use guns suitable for situations taking place on the battlefield. For example, in close range, you need to choose a gun with high mobility. Or attack at a distance, using a sniper rifle is an advantage. Combine skills to take advantage of the surrounding terrain to hide. Dodge fierce attacks from enemies. To improve those skills, you need to observe agility. Detect enemy positions quickly to promptly deploy strategies. Going through each battle, it is necessary to improve combat skills. Aim accurately to make the enemy quickly lose his life without having time to react.Game Strike Force Heroes FPS 3D Mod

There are two game modes

Although Strike Force Heroes: FPS 3D Mod is an offline game. But there are also 2 different game modes for you to experience. Includes Deathmatch mode and Team Deathmatch mode. Each mode opens the war according to its own rules and gameplay. Come to Deathmatch mode to fight alone. There is no choice but to kill or be killed. Alone you will have to fend off fierce attacks from the enemy. When participating in Team Deathmatch mode. You will become teammates with other shooters. Compete against the opposing team to find the winning side. The team with the highest achievement score wins. No matter what mode you join. After each battle, you get rewards.Tai Strike Force Heroes FPS 3D Mod

For role-playing shooting games. Guns are the main weapon to use in battle. Strike Force Heroes: FPS 3D Mod is no exception. The game possesses a diverse gun system. Typically, such as SG-552, SG-550 commando, UMP, MAC10, MP5 navy, etc. There are many other guns that you will learn when participating. Every gun is designed based on reality. From design to usage. However, they are not unlocked for free. Instead, you need to use the money earned to buy. Choose guns that match your fighting style. You will achieve high efficiency in the battle.

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