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Great story sharing apps are extremely useful for social media users, it also explains why many sites are promoting these on their platforms. To make your shared stories more interesting and prominent than others, you can find editorial apps and create stories, with StoryLab as one of the best choices that you can experience.

Feel free to unlock its amazing features, which will make it extremely easy to set up your story layout, edit certain elements and make your blank canvas beautiful round a few seconds. Enjoy editing with many great templates with unique settings and customizations, as they make editing stories a lot easier and more convenient.

Let’s learn more about this special mobile app from cerdillac with our intensive reviews.


At StoryLab, users will have options to freely edit and work on their social media pages like Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Snapchat. Discover hundreds of interesting story templates for Instagram and templates so you can stay active on other social posts.

Simply start with empty canvas then choose your own creative photos, photos and videos to fill out. Unlock special editing features to style your story with filters, coating, texts, stickers, drawing pens and more.

All models are pre-installed and accessible for all of you. Plus, different topics will make sure you can easily work on your vast content without errors. Also discover a variety of special designs from the available collection, which will give you many bright ideas to make your own designs. Feel free to share your edited content on Instagram, Facebook and more.


You can download now and install StoryLab free app on Google Play Store. Start enjoying its many features without paying for anything. To make the most of the app, you will need to buy certain in-app purchases with real money.

At the same time, you should also give the app the access that is necessary to enable the full feature application on your device. Make sure to review their requirements when entering the app for the first time.

To ensure the compatibility of your app with your devices, especially when installing new updates, it’s important to update your device to the latest, best version of the program is Android 5.0 and above.

Amazing feature

Here are all the interesting features the app offers:

Many integrated templates to use

Users might like to use pre-integrated templates, providing great visual settings for their stories. Feel free to try more than 700 different Instagram models, each has its own look.

Choose to work with interfaces 9:16 and post templates 1: 1, these will be really useful for you when posting content on social media. Use the available templates to make your insta story more interesting and stylish. Also unlock great post templates to combine your photos and designs at your convenience.

Add certain frames to your photos, using special Japanese Film, Polaroid, Nichi options, each option has its own unique interfaces. This app can work well with both photo and video content, making it extremely organic and convenient.

Enjoy a great collection of stories

You can discover a huge collection of stories from StoryLab, which features some of the coolest designs created using pre-integrated templates. Feel free to explore them to find inspiration and great design ideas for your own creative works. Try to upload your own creative designs and share your inspiration with others.

Freedom to set up your account and social page

To ensure that users can freely improve their social pages, StoryLab also offers useful tools to set up your own account with American stories. Customize your feed and tag stories to make your social media page more professional. You can also organize your articles with many creative ideas to make the whole feed more vibrant.

Interesting wallpapers with great pictures

When you add photos and videos to your story, you can also work with high quality background to make the story more impressive. Use the color selection tool provided to choose the right color for models. Try multiple textures to establish your story. Tag certain cover icons to make photos more interesting…

Special text options

You can explore special text options in StoryLab, making it easier to add your own quotes, famous quotes, or descriptions to stories. Just enter or insert copied text using 50 different fonts.

Freedom to adjust the positions of your text box, change the distance, adjust the adjustments and more. Discover special Instagram art with your amazing handwriting in watercolor, sparkling patterns or more.

Add your creative work beauty stickers

It’s more interesting that it’s easy to add beautiful StoryLab stickers to your photos. You can freely choose with more than 1400 different stickers, which can add to your photos and videos easily. Unlock a variety of special story styles with selected stickers and edit stories to your own interests.

Filters and special effects to quickly edit your content

In StoryLab, users can also use a variety of filters and special effects, allowing them to freely edit their story with the accompanying presets. Feel free to discover more than 100 awesome VSCO presets when you edit your photos instantly. To make apps more likely, users can now use special coating filters for their stories, like with apps like StoryArt. But with added effects and unlocked visual elements, you’re even more satisfied.

Special painting brushes

Along with useful text options, users can also paint their stories with great paintbrushes and useful paint patterns in StoryLab. Discover the many functions of your pen and make the most of your story editing, when you introduce special looks to your creative works. Just finger painting or touch pen can quickly create many great drawings on stories.

Enjoy free and unlocked app on our website

You might like to use a free and unlocked StoryLab app on our website. Discover its many features without paying for in-app or advertising purchases. Just download APK StoryLab Mod, follow the instructions provided and you can unlock all VIP Features. All of it will allow you to enjoy the most amazing app.

Download StoryLab MOD APK free for Android

With simple and accessible editing features, StoryLab will make sure you can easily create your stories and post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. Using the provided presets, you can easily turn on brilliant edits without spending too much effort. Additionally, additional editing tools and content will allow you the freedom to work on your fully customized experiences in the mobile app. Important is the free and unlocked app of StoryLab on our website, you can really enjoy it to the fullest.

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