State of Survival 1.15.2 (Menu, Cooldown, Damage)

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State of Survival Mod opens the post-apocalyptic world. Revolving around the battle between survivors and zombies. Role-play as a hero in the strategy game of developer KingsGroup Holdings. The player’s mission is to fight for survival in a harsh world. Use equipped weapons, attack enemies to protect yourself. At the same time, rescue those who are lucky to survive to have more allies. More than that, you will have to build a secret base. The game belongs to the genre of strategic shooter, survival style. With extensive gameplay, you can develop yourself. As well as establishing relationships with other players. It is possible to form a team with them to survive together. Overcome the most difficult stages to end the battle for survival.

Download State of Survival Mod – Survival Shooting War Combines Building Elements

The world in State of Survival Mod has been invaded by Zombies. It’s been 6 months since the apocalypse began. The spread of the deadly virus has caused the destruction of human civilization. The military and government have built an underground base. All their activities are aimed at protecting their empire. Those who are lucky to survive being trapped in the city. They are facing a massive wave of zombies. Many people have lost their lives in the wars with Zombies. The bodies of those dead will turn into zombies to attack life. Now the world needs a hero who can lead people out of the zombie invasion. At the same time build a fortified city to resist their attacks.State of Survival Mod

Diverse quest system

Role-play as a hero in State of Survival Mod. You have a lot of tasks and activities to perform. Build bases, upgrade and expand the area. Stop the waves of zombie attacks. Rescue the lucky survivors to assemble as a team. Or participate in training to improve survivability. Even have to fight zombie bosses in fierce battles. Besides that, there are activities to develop your army. Collect and craft weapons to be able to equip high-damage guns. Or upgrade the constructions in the area to be more efficient. A series of missions are waiting for you ahead. Each mission is a challenge, requiring a smart strategy. Make the right choices and make the right decisions.Dowload State of Survival Mod

Build a base

Building a base is a very important task in the survival game State of Survival Mod. There are many buildings you need to build here. Including barracks, smithy, observation hut, training camp, hospital, headquarters. And many more construction projects. Each building plays an important role in the battle for survival with zombies. The forge is a place to make weapons to equip your fighting force. The barracks is a place to recruit soldiers capable of close combat. Long-range barracks, a place to recruit soldiers capable of attacking from a distance. Or the hospital, where soldiers were wounded in battle. In particular, headquarters and buildings are very important in the development of the army. With the role of containing the maximum number of soldiers in your base area.Game State of Survival Mod

Long-range and melee combat units

Combat units in State of Survival Mod are divided into 2 main types. Includes melee attacks and ranged combat. Each type has a lot of different combat units that you can recruit. Through the barracks, you can recruit units capable of melee combat. For example, regular soldiers, heavy soldiers, vanguards, bombers, swordsmen, hackers, guerrillas, soldiers, etc. Or through the long-range barracks, it is possible to recruit many units of soldiers. Typically archers, riflemen, gunners, tracking soldiers, crossbowmen, marksmen, night commandos, etc. Each unit has its own fighting style. Building an army with outstanding combat ability will require the gathering of many units. Recruit and train them to improve their individual combat abilities. From there will help your army stronger in the war with zombies.Tai State of Survival Mod

In State of Survival Mode, there are 2 main types of resources, including wood and food. Each type of resource is used for a lot of different jobs. Wood resources are used to build and upgrade structures. Food was used to recruit and train soldiers. After completing the quest, the player will receive a large number of resources. At the same time have the opportunity to collect a lot of valuable loot. From there, it is possible to develop the base area and upgrade the strength of the soldiers.

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