Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes 0.28.1003453 (Menu, One Hit, God Mode)

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod is a genre of the role-playing game released by ELECTRONIC ARTS with an attractive fighting style. Players will enter the wars between the stars, with the two forces of darkness and light. With the mission of defeating enemies to gain control of the galaxy, by leading the army to participate in the fierce battlefield. Since its launch until now, the gameplay has attracted a lot of participants, because of its interesting gameplay and beautiful context that offers interesting adventures. Currently, the game is developed based on iOS and Android platforms, making it easy to access and free to download. On Google Play alone, the game has attracted more than 50 million downloads. And received nearly 500 thousand reviews, from all over the world.

Download Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod – Night War And Cosmic Light

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod has an engaging and unique storyline about the war for the universe. The context takes place in the vast universe, where there are two powerful forces including darkness and light. Due to the paradigm of power, so the war began to break out with the aim of taking over the vast galaxy. Players will enter space wars, with the right to choose between the side of light or shadow. Then you can recruit more space warriors to your army, train them to fight the enemy side. With the ultimate goal of gaining supremacy, to dominate the vast galaxy.

Dowload Star Wars Mod

Interesting gameplay

With turn-based combat gameplay, your character can maximize its power. The war in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod allows you to bring up to 5 characters. So the strategy is a very important factor to help you achieve high results in the match, it gives you interesting battles. Along with that players can equip additional items, helping your character increase combat and defense capabilities. Gradually over time, the war will be more fierce and the challenges you encounter will become more difficult. So come up with an intelligent strategy that helps your team win against the enemy easily. Besides, when you reach the end of the game screen, you will have to face a boss with a giant shape, with great strength.

Character system

The characters in the game are inspired by many different versions of space war, so Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod provides you with more than 140 diverse characters. For example Grandmaster Yoda, Commander Luke, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, … and many other characters waiting for you to discover. Each character carries 1 of the 2 symbols that are light or dark. And they all carry different powers such as: using magic, increasing damage, supporting blood, and defending. You need to learn to sort the warriors into the most suitable formation. In addition, each character will gain experience when fighting, and the highest level they can reach is level 85. Each time they level up, they will gain more combat stats, making them stronger.Star Wars mod

Space ship

Besides, this is a war in space, so spaceships are indispensable in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod. Players can collect iconic giant ships like Admiral Ackbar’s Home One. And using them all to build and develop a powerful army, sending them into space wars. The battlefield is extremely fierce and dramatic, so you need to upgrade weapons and items to equip your character. Along with that, each spacecraft has its own crew to operate, so you need to recruit more people to help the ship operate in the best way.Game Star Wars mod

Join a guild

The war broke out not only with you but also with many other spaceships. So Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod allows players to join the guild to fight together. Once you have the power, you can even create your own guild and invite other powerful members to join. And entered the war between guilds in Territory War mode. In addition, the gameplay also takes you into many different modes to master the space such as Squad Cantina Battles, Squad Tour. Or you can even challenge your friends to join the battle through PvP Squad Arena mode. Then you will be able to unleash your talent by arranging smart tactics.Tai Star Wars Mod

Graphics, sound

Hack Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is designed with sharp 3D graphics, bringing players to an engaging experience. The game’s background is inspired by space, giving you mysterious adventures full of charm. Besides, the shapes of the characters are elaborately elaborated, along with beautiful skill effects. Along with RPG-style warfare, will take you to fierce battles with realistic graphics. Combined with the sound quality through unique musical melodies when the character uses power. And be flexibly moved through each different context of the match, giving players more excitement when participating.

When downloading the Mod version of the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes game, players will experience the most enjoyable things, when using the feature to unlock all the fun. You can then unlock your favorite characters and add them to your collection. Shop for equipment and upgrade them, making your character even more powerful. Besides, the game is entertaining to help you have relaxing moments when participating. Download Star Wars Mod to enter an exciting space war, and gain control of the galaxy.

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