Squad Alpha Mod APK 1.6.0 (Menu,God mode, One hit, Unlimited Money, Max Range)

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Squad Alpha Mod shooting game opens exciting battles. This game belongs to the action shooting genre. Revolving around arcade-style battles. With hundreds of different levels of play provided by the system. Promises to bring a great shooting experience. In the role of a gunman, you will have to destroy all enemies to complete the mission. Then get rewarded, and at the same time prove yourself as a professional shooter. Here, publisher SayGames Ltd includes a lot of features. The control system is built in an intuitive way. Until the graphics, the sound is designed very impressively. Different from shooting games with similar gameplay. Moreover, you will discover many different types of combat guns.

Download Squad Alpha Mod – Level-Based Shooting War

The battles in Squad Alpha Mod will never end. With over 200 different levels, designed in ascending order. Each level opens up a fierce battle in the open arena. You can fight freely, deploying attack tactics in your own style. The goal is to shoot down all the enemies to complete the mission. Then will receive a lot of loot such as bonuses, and experience points. Moreover, after a period of accumulating experience points to advance to a new level. You also get a lot of valuable rewards. It is possible to continue the new battle to the next level. Will face more difficult challenges. That means the difficulty increases, making you focus on fighting. From there, there is a chance to win to conquer the next challenge.Squad Alpha Mod

The course of the battle

The gameplay of Squad Alpha Mod is reproduced from a top-down perspective. During the battle, you can equip 4 types of weapons. Includes 3 different guns and grenades. The number of bullets in the gun has a certain limit. After firing all the bullets to attack the enemy, it will take a short time to recover. The same goes for grenades. Depends on your fighting style. Can equip suitable guns for greater efficiency. Throughout the battle in the game levels. You need to constantly move to not give the enemy a chance to aim. As well as agile observation, and accurate attack with the gun in hand. Make the enemy die before your gun. Then move to the hanging stairs, appearing at the end of the arena. When moving up, the mission will be completed.Download Squad Alpha Mod

Boss battle, flexible skill

Pass each level of Squad Alpha Mod in turn. When you reach a certain level, you will face the boss in a 1vs1 battle. Bosses possessing all power parameters are superior to normal enemies. They carry many different attack styles. Depends on the type of boss you meet at the levels. For example, the boss uses a gun, with the ability to teleport. Boss attacks with sharp claws, capable of the long jumps. Or the boss has an attacking style that sprays poison. Also has the ability to summon minions. There are many other types of bosses, possessing unique powers. You will have to confront them as you pass each level in turn. After defeating the boss, they will drop a lot of valuable items. When collected, can be used to develop the character’s strength.Squad Alpha Mod

Equip the character

As each level becomes more and more difficult in the battles of Squad Alpha Mod. To overcome the fierce attacks from the enemy. Win to conquer tough challenges. Besides improving combat skills. You also have to develop the strength of the character. By equipping items to increase combat ability. In addition to guns and grenades are equipped as offensive weapons. Defenses can be enhanced, with equipment such as helmets, armor, bronzes, and backpacks. When fully equipped with items, the character will increase strength. Can resist the fierce attacks of the enemy in fierce battles. As well as increasing the win rate in boss battles.Tai Squad Alpha Mod

Coming to Squad Alpha Mod you will have the opportunity to own more than 30 different guns. Through the battle, after winning. From there can collect guns such as pistols, pistols, shotguns, and SMGs. There are many other types of guns that will appear when passing later levels. Each gun possesses its own power parameters. Includes damage, critical rate, damage rate, and ammo count. Fire rate, range, cooldown, and accuracy. To own the best guns. You need to upgrade, using the accumulated money. Upgrade the gun’s level to increase the attack ability.

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