Soul Land Reloaded Mod APK 1.4.3 (Menu, High Damage/Defense)

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Soul Land Reloaded Mod is a typical RPG game based on the famous Chinese novel “Soul Land”. It takes you on a fascinating adventure with heroes in a fantasy world just like the original series. There, you will form a squad with your favorite characters and participate in intense battles with enemies. Or you will team up heroes to compete against real opponents in PvP battles. Each battle will make you excited with its high strategy and eye-catching combat effects. Moreover, you can unlock and access an extremely rich hero system with an impressive skill set. Don’t hesitate to explore them all, conquer wars, unlock more and write your adventure story here.

Download Soul Land Reloaded Mod – Addictive action RPG gameplay

This game has a 100% story based on the original series that has been licensed. So, if you’ve ever read through “Soul Land” or played through games based on it, you might have come across this game from the very beginning. In the game, you will meet again typical characters from the series, such as Tang San, Shrek, and more. You will accompany them on an epic adventure with a quest to hunt souls and conquer the mysterious Sea God Island. But in contrast to such a grand plot, the gameplay of the game is super simple and accessible. The fighting battles are simplified in terms of skill manipulation. But the strategic element is still evident, challenging your intellect.


Join the team-up battles

The game has two main modes, including Story and Arena. At the beginning of the game, you only have access to the story mode. After you reach a certain level, you have the right to unlock the arena to participate in the PvP battlefield. In story mode, you will follow typical characters in their fight against evil spirits. That journey of yours is divided into chapters with content reproduced almost as the original. You will join the wars with your hero squad, constantly upgrading, unlocking gates, and hunting for valuable loot. The battles in this mode will help you gain enough experience and confidence before entering the confrontation with online gamers.

To gain an advantage in each war, the strategic factor is the top criterion. First, you need to choose the right heroes to team up with. Next, you need to control them reasonably on the battlefield to maximize their ability. During the battle, your job is to choose the hero’s skill cards to help them attack or defend. Each move has its own effect on the target, which is why you need to choose the right skill to gain an advantage. Moreover, each skill has a certain cooldown, not infinite. Heroes also have their own roles in the squad. So you need to choose the right hero and the right skill at the same time.


Explore the hero system and map

The hero system in Soul Land Reloaded Mod is also taken from the original series. They are carefully designed both in terms of appearance, skills, and their own dialogue and plot. Of course, each hero will have their own set of skills and stats, including HP, Attack, Defense, and more. You always need to upgrade these stats to help improve your character. You can upgrade by adding necessary equipment such as armor, shoes, chains, and enhancement items… Each hero has a maximum of 4 equipment slots, so consider choosing helpful equipment. The hero system is also ranked from low to high. Rare hero cards will need you to reach a certain level to unlock.

The map system is as diverse as the hero system. It changes flexibly in each battle, bringing newness to your adventure journey. By completing quests, you continuously unlock and access new quests, then travel to many places to explore the nooks and crannies of the magical fantasy spirit land. The system of secondary characters and enemies is also more and more diverse. Each has its own interesting stories to discover.


Fun and well-tailored cartoon design

There are many reasons why you love this game, and the graphics are one of them. It is designed with unique and realistic 2D graphics, highlighting the beauty of the spirit land and each hero in its plot. Heroes not only possess a beautiful appearance but also have impressive skill moves. They are also invested with a well-organized dialogue system, contributing to the game’s story. The game’s fantasy world is also vividly portrayed with many beautiful locations and areas.

Join Soul Land Reloaded Mod now and enjoy the exciting battles. It’s your chance to become one of the legendary heroes of the Land of Souls. You can also lead every greatest hero against other opponents in the world. A series of unique events are also waiting for you to discover and hunt for rewards. Don’t miss the chance to fight and rank up on the leaderboard.

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