Sonic Dash Mod APK 6.1.0 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Shopping, Character Unlocked, Magnet)

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Fun entertainment in the game Sonic Dash Mod. The game belongs to the Arcade genre, designed with racing-style gameplay. The content of the game is inspired by the famous cartoon Sonic The Hedgehog. Revolving around the theme of the race of Sonic the hedgehog and his companions. Join the game, your mission is to accompany Sonic the hedgehog. Participate in endless races to conquer all challenges. Simultaneously against Dr. Eggman and Zazz. To increase the experience, bring the most attractive races. Publisher SEGA has provided many more interesting features. With a diverse system of traps, there are obstacles that need to be overcome. Along with a lot of beautiful racing maps waiting for you to explore.

Download Sonic Dash Mod – Endless Race in Beautiful Maps

The gameplay of Sonic Dash Mod goes on endlessly. Your mission is to accompany Sonic to overcome the obstacles. Achieve the highest score possible, through the distance traveled. Each race lasts until Sonic the hedgehog collides with obstacles or traps on the road. At this point can use the red star icon item to respawn. Continue the race to conquer the previous records you have achieved. Or choose to start a new race. The reward received is based on the number of gold rings collected during the run. Also can get X2 rewards from watching promotional videos. The accumulated gold rings can then be used to improve Sonic the hedgehog’s abilities.Sonic Dash Mod

Explore the maps

The race of Sonic Dash Mod opens up a beautiful classic world. Throughout the course of the race. After a certain time of running, you will be transferred to a new map. At the same time, you can choose one of three different directions. As soon as you move through it, there will be a chance to receive support items. Then perform touches and swipes so that Sonic the hedgehog can land safely. Continue the race at a faster pace than before. Overcoming the pitfalls, you will discover a lot of beautiful maps. Typically, the snow road, the green grass road, the road next to the coast, … Each map is designed with complex terrain in its own style. At the same time, there are winding terrains, requiring speed to not slip off the road.Game Sonic Dash Mod

Obstacles, facing the enemy

During the races at Sonic Dash Mod. Sonic the hedgehog will have to face a lot of different obstacles. For example, thorn traps, timed bombs, big rocks, signboards, wooden planks in the way, etc. There are many other pitfalls that will appear in future races. Using skills flexibly, control Sonic to perform jumping, rolling down, left and right avoidance. Safely pass the obstacles and do not get hit. Sometimes you will have to attack the red crabs. By rolling over them to knockdown. From there, the number of achievement points will continuously increase. Besides, there is also a fight with Dr. Eggman or the enemy Zazz. They attack fiercely and fiercely, the purpose of which is to make you stop the race.Ear Sonic Dash Mod

Upgrade Abilities

The gold rings accumulated after the races of Sonic Dash Mod. Can be used to upgrade Sonic the hedgehog’s abilities. Shown through the items used during the race. Includes magnet, boost, starter speed, multiplier, and defense ability. Each ability plays an important role, in affecting the racing process. For example, upgrading the magnet will help increase the use time. Large amounts of gold rings can be collected. Or boost will speed up every time a rolling action is performed to accelerate. However, you need to be careful every time you upgrade. The number of gold rings that need to be used for the next upgrade will increase. So you need to collect as many gold rings as possible to evolve Sonic the hedgehog.Download Sonic Dash Mod

In addition to Sonic, the hedgehog participates in the race. Sonic Dash Mod also has many other characters for you to experience. Those are Sonic’s friends and teammates. Includes Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow. They are all characters from the animated movie Sonic The Hedgehog. Each character is designed with interesting looks. At the same time has an extremely impressive racing style. To be able to unlock new characters. You will have to excel in the races. Then use the corresponding items to unlock.

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