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Sonic Dash 2 Mod is the second installment of the Sonic Dash endless runner series. It takes you on a new journey with new challenges, characters, and storylines. This time, you can role-play many funny characters from the popular cartoon. Enjoy their own set of skills and utilize them in your run. Your mission is to overcome all obstacles and collect loot on the way. Through it, you will have the opportunity to explore many new landscapes and receive attractive bonuses. Use your bonus wisely to unlock new faces or awesome boosters. Don’t let slowness stop you with the help of Sonic’s magic hammer or ring magnet. Run endlessly and score new records, are you ready to try?

Download Sonic Dash 2 Mod – New endless running journey with Sonic

Perhaps you are too familiar with Sonic’s running journey in the first part. But what’s new in Sonic Dash 2 will keep you hooked for hours on your phone. It is the sequel to the story of Sonic Dash. But you don’t need to play the first part before starting this game. The story of the game is still the journey of Sonic and his friends in the battle against Dr. Eggman and his henchmen. And that journey is transformed into endless races on the vertical screen of the phone. In this part, you will have the opportunity to meet Sonic’s new friends. At the same time, you can also unlock beautiful running tracks in many different themes. Get ready to explore them all.


The familiar endless running mechanism

Perhaps there is no need to say too much about the super-hot endless running gameplay. It will take you on a non-stop run and you need flexible controls to go as far as possible. The running background will give you a series of challenges. You will need to swipe left, right, jump or slide to pass them all. Any collision will cause you to stop and start over from the starting point. But the next time you play, you’ll see everything has changed, creating endless inspiration in each play. What you face in this journey may be unexpected logs, thorny traps, giant bees, and more. Not only that, but you also have to collect rings and other useful items to use on the run.

The challenge on the track will become more and more fierce as your speed gets faster and faster. You will need quick reflexes to overcome any challenge without crashing. Sonic and his friends have their own skills to conquer obstacles. But you need to know how to use them to your advantage or correct mistakes. Besides, the game allows you to swap playing characters or play up to 3 characters at the same time. Team mode will be more attractive but also requires a better ability to master multiple characters at the same time. In terms of gameplay, you can swipe or tilt the device screen.


Unlock characters and items

There is a lot of interesting content in Sonic Dash 2 Mod that you can explore during the experience. First, it must be mentioned that the character system has been added compared to the previous part. This time, besides Sonic, you can meet Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Sticks, and Shadow. Each has its own look and skills to discover. Specifically, Amy is a girl who possesses a powerful hammer that can destroy obstacles on the track. Or Knuckles has the ability to create explosions when curled up. In addition, each character has the ability to use support items to their advantage.

Support items can be gold rings, red rings, orbs, and more. While the yellow ring increases protection, the red ring allows for revival, and the orb will help accumulate energy. In some emergency situations, these will be super handy to help you continue the game without having to start over. Moreover, over time, you also have the right to unlock new maps with new obstacles.


Vivid 3D world

The running tracks in the game are designed very beautifully and modernly on the 3D graphics platform. It simulates the characters in the Sonic world which is also very realistic, close to the original in both appearance and skill effects. Besides, the running landscape is very diverse and inspiring every time you play. Above all, every movement in the game and the effects are very smooth and vivid. You can feel the jumps, runs, curls, and more with amazing lights and sounds.

So, do you want to miss Sonic Dash 2 Mod? It promises to bring many interesting new things that Sonic fans do not want to miss. You can play many fun character roles, and even control multiple characters at the same time. Moreover, the lively race tracks and catchy music also make you unable to ignore them. Come here and record new distance records.

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