Smash Colors 3D 1.0.13 (Unlimited Money) Download

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Step into the 3D space of the game Smash Colors 3D Mod. Players will be immersed infamous music. Be able to manually create the melodies of a song. Enjoy the live sound melodies. Promises to bring fascinating musical adventures. The game belongs to the music game genre, provided by Badsnowball Limited. Set in the dark space of the vast universe. Here, your task is to complete a complete track, taking place in each level. Through controlling the ball to create musical melodies. This is a free game. Incorporating obstacle course elements. With color art features shown on the game screen. Bringing you a wonderful music-themed experience, just for you.

Download Smash Colors 3D Mod – Obstacle Style Music Game

Join the music game in the game Smash Colors 3D Mod. Your task is to create musical melodies to perfect a song. The gameplay takes place in the style of overcoming obstacles. The duration of each level corresponds to the duration of a song. Here, the tool for you to play music is a ball. With many different colors, will be changed in a game screen. The ball has the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees during the course of the game. You will have to control the ball to rush into the arcs of the same color. To create a musical melody, from which the task can be completed.Download Smash Colors 3D Mod

Circles, quests that need to be done

Each level of Smash Colors 3D Mod takes place in a dark space. With the appearance of circular arcs. Shown in different colors. This is the obstacle that you have to overcome. Each circular arc is a musical melody. Here, the ball will automatically rush forward. Your task is to control the ball to move into a circle of the same color. Do not collide with arcs of other colors. If that happens, your musical adventure will have to stop. That means you have to start over from the beginning. After completing the task, based on the achievement achieved, you will receive a reward.Game Smash Colors 3D Mod

Flexible control, reach the maximum number of stars

To achieve excellence in the music levels of Smash Colors 3D Mod. Requires player observation. Combine ball control skills. Avoid arcs of different colors. Create each melody in turn, you will complete the song. From there the maximum score can be obtained. In addition, the achievement of each level is shown by the number of stars, up to 3 stars. If you want to achieve the maximum number of stars on the music playing screen. You need to improve your ability to observe, quick reflexes. Constantly hone your skills to be able to control the ball flexibly.Ear Smash Colors 3D Mod

Pace, shadow color changes

During the music play of Smash Colors 3D Mod. The speed of the game corresponds to the rhythm of the song. Each song has a different melody. That means the speed will be fast, erratic slow, you need to be careful. Not stopping there, the ball can change many different colors on a game screen. The color of the shadow will change as soon as you step into a new space. At that time, you need to observe and react quickly. Move the ball into the correct circle of the same color to continue perfecting the track.

Many kinds of music playing tools

The ball isn’t the only musical instrument you can use. Smash Colors 3D Mod provides many different types of balls. You can choose in the store such as pinball, basketball, inflatable volleyball, spike ball, etc. There is even an appearance of Superman. Each music player can use diamonds to unlock. This is the main currency, which you can earn after completing tracks. In addition, there are some music players that require watching a video to open. In particular, each music player will have its own motion effect. Shown in the music play.Smash Colors 3D Mod

Coming to Smash Colors 3D Mod you will never feel bored. Because the game owns a huge song warehouse system. With a lot of famous music, composed by many artists. Each music table has its own melody, as well as a tempo that happens differently. This makes a difference in each game screen. However, similar to musical instruments, tracks require diamonds to unlock. For example, the song On My Way requires 500 diamonds, Coffin Dance needs 300 diamonds.

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