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Slash & Girl Mod opens an extremely dramatic adventure. Takes you into a fascinating fantasy space. The game belongs to the Arcade game category of the RedFish Games provider. A combination of racing and action elements. With adventures revolving around a compelling storyline. The gameplay takes place in the style of running and fighting. At the same time developed a lot of interesting features. Combined with vivid graphics, recreating a 3D fantasy space. Beautiful combat effects, make you feel attractive. To increase the exciting experience for players. The system also provides many more unique weapons. Along with costumes in many impressive styles. You can combine them together to create an outstanding character look.

Download Slash & Girl Mod – Doris’ Adventures In The Battle Match Race

The world in Slash & Girl Mod is invaded by Jokers. He controls everything in the city. However, the arrival of the girl Doris has shaken the Jokers’ dominance. Although Doris doesn’t want to be a savior of the city. Her only happiness is to enjoy the feeling of running to fight. This has randomly affected the Joker’s empire. Because in the process of seeking self-satisfaction. Doris did not hesitate to use the sword in her hand to slash the gunmen. Join the game, you will play the role of girl Doris. Enter the breathtaking adventure in the city. Enjoy the journey of racing and fighting with minions. With the goal of defeating Jokers to go to the ultimate path of adventure.Slash & Girl Mod

Gameplay, skill moves, and attacks

Enter the adventures of Doris in Slash & Girl Mod. The gameplay takes place in a racing style, revolving around the game’s plot. The character will continuously run forward. Ghostly clowns appear throughout the race. Your mission is to beat them to continue the adventure. Use weapons on hand, combine flexible moves. Attack enemies and defeat clowns with personal skills. At the same time, there are many obstacles appearing on the road. You need to perform skills to jump up, avoid left, right to not collide. When performing skills, the character will automatically use weapons to attack if an enemy appears. Turn over the obstacles, defeat the ghostly clowns. You can go further to fully enjoy the adventure.Ear Slash & Girl Mod

Open up many new spaces, collect items

In the course of the adventure of Slash & Girl Mod. The space will be changed every time you collect the pot of gold. It is possible to monitor the progress bar displayed as a percentage. When reaching 100 percent, the character will collect the pot of gold. At the same time step into a new space. With more difficult challenges. Moreover, during the race, many items appear on the road. After collecting the required number of items. You will be entering a completely new battle race space. With the appearance of a lot of fearsome enemies. Requires combat focus, through moving skills to attack. After passing through space, will return to the adventure. Continue the race to fight the ghostly clowns.Game Slash & Girl Mod

Experience points, gold coins to unlock weapons

After finishing an adventure. The achievements you gain will correspond to the number of experience points. When the character gains enough experience can increase to a new level. Also, rely on the gold jars collected during the race. You will receive gold coins, each pot of gold corresponds to 100 coins. From there, you can unlock new weapons. Slash & Girl Mod owns a diverse weapon system. For example, crab claws, baseball bats, cactus, swordfish, bananas, etc. There are many other unique weapons waiting for you to discover. Each weapon can use gold coins to upgrade. Increases the character’s attack damage. Can defeat ghost clowns easily.Download Slash & Girl Mod

Slash & Girl Mod allows players to customize the character. It is possible to change Doris’s appearance to become more prominent. With unique face skins, and impressive hairstyles. However, you need to reach the required level to unlock it. Besides, it is possible to change the appearance with different costumes. For example, sportswear, workwear, ninja, taekwondo. Or ragged costumes, gladiators, etc. Depending on your style, you can design your character a favorite outfit. However, need to use the money to buy.

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