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Recreate a life under the vast ocean through the game Shark World Mod. This is a simulation game published by Tap Pocket. Open up a vivid world with the appearance of sharks. Here, you will have to perform the task of building an ecosystem. Creates a large population of shark habitats. It is also possible to develop them to lead into matches. Fight with other sharks to assert your strength. Moreover, coming to this game will experience many interesting features. Get a chance to learn about many different species of sharks, even from prehistoric times. Explore the diverse habitats under the ocean. You can build your own shark ecosystem with your own hands. Experience 3D graphics and enjoy sharp visuals.

Download Shark World Mod – Build Habitat Of Sharks

Come to the game Shark World Mod to have an impressive view of life under the ocean. The content revolves around different species of sharks. Simulated extremely vivid and beautiful. Here, you will have to perform a lot of the work of a manager. Nurture sharks from newly hatched eggs. Until growing by using food to grow. At the same time build a life with the appropriate ecosystem of each species. Then gather as a team, and participate in the battle under the ocean. Compete with other sharks, defeat them and win. Collect bonuses and resources to keep growing. Expand the territory under the ocean to be able to explore many other areas. Create a world of your own.Shark World Mod

Gameplay, management, and development

Based on the management gameplay used in Shark World Mod. Start from a small area under the vast ocean. With a fairly small amount of money and a small number of resources to do the job. You will have to use it to unlock some shark species. Then nurture to grow them to become strong. Over a period of time performing the task, fulfilling the required conditions. Receiving rewards will accumulate more resources and money. Can continue to use it to build and grow bigger. Expand the original area to many new lands. The main goal is to create a vast kingdom. With the appearance of many different species of sharks living. The process is carried out in turn. Completing according to the given schedule will gradually achieve the original goal.Game Shark World Mod

Many different species of sharks

Get the theme of the life of sharks in the ocean. Shark World Mod provides many different species of sharks. They are all designed based on real-life materials. Featuring hammerhead sharks, angel sharks, and more. There are even prehistoric sharks. For example, the giant fish Megalodon. Has lived on Earth millions of years ago. Each species of shark is designed to be extremely realistic. With the difference in body and head. At the same time, their ability will be shown through levels. Through the use of food for growth. From there will create powerful sharks with outstanding attack ability. However, they need to go through a process to develop.Download Shark World Mod

Battle between sharks

After a period of developing and nurturing sharks in Shark World Mod. You can lead them to participate in matches. Through the underwater arena to compete with other sharks. Their abilities are demonstrated through their attacks. Two factions of sharks will fight each other with their strength. The match goes on until the entire shark force of either faction is completely defeated. The other side will win. Come to the shark fights in the ocean. Win to show the power of the sharks you raise. By defeating other sharks. From there will receive attractive rewards. Can be used to perform a variety of activities.Shark World Mod

In the process of building a life under the ocean at Shark World Mod. You need to be aware of each characteristic of the sharks. Each species will fit in a unique marine environment. So it is necessary to use resources to create a suitable living population. Also, provide food to help them increase their level and superior ability. Besides, it is also possible to unlock the eggs. Then incubate in the right environmental conditions to quickly hatch a new species of shark.

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