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Shadow Knight is a role-playing action game where players will be involved in interesting gameplay with loads of exciting levels and challenges. You will play as a Shadow warrior and fight against the dark forces that are plotting to take over the world. Although the game is considered to be based mainly on its predecessor, the in-game feature and content improvements will not disappoint. This review will go through the features of the game and contain the writer’s personal opinion. Stay tuned!


Shadow Knight brings players to a world called Harmonia, a beautiful place, peaceful and full of happiness. Here, races such as Humans, Undead, Orcs, Spirit, Dwarf, Beastman, Elf, etc., live together peacefully. However, that life is suddenly destroyed when dark forces begin to rise and attempt to invade Harmonia.

Faced with that situation, the legendary Shadow warriors stood up, united as one to fight the dark forces. How will that journey end? Will Harmonia be rescued, or will it be lost in the darkness forever? All will be revealed in Shadow Knight.


Shadow Knight revolves around the journey to rescue Harmonia of the valiant and mighty Shadow warriors. The adventure will not be simple: there will be countless pitfalls, challenges as well as powerful shadow monsters waiting on the way. You will have to go through lots of forests, ghost towns as well as dungeons. At the end of each location, there will be an evil boss waiting for you, and your mission is to kill it before it can take you down.

The game sets out a lot of missions for players to complete. You will have to overcome a variety of complex terrains by running, climbing, jumping, performing hack ‘n’ slash skills, as well as discovering many more fascinating mysteries.

The game’s control scheme is not complicated, with a horizontal screen divided into left and right sides. While the left part handles movement, the right part will be the jump, dash, attack, and skill options. By combining movement with an attack or use of skills, players will be able to perform powerful and stunning combos.

In-Game Classes

There are 4 Shadow characters in Shadow Knight that the player can choose to use. Each character will have unique abilities, such as:

  • Noah: a mighty sword-wielding warrior;
  • Ashley: specializing in guns with extremely effective range damage;
  • Lucius: an assassin with the ability to assassinate anyone;
  • Hector: an extremely muscular Shadow warrior that can inflict enormous amounts of damage with his fists

Each character class will own a separate skillset suitable for the unique attributes of each person. You can upgrade their characters as well as their skills through monster soul fragments found in the game. However, the skills can only be on the same level as the character. For example, you cannot raise the skill to level 30 if your character has just reached level 20.

Weapons and Equipment

Collecting equipment is an indispensable part of any role-playing game. Equipment will help the characters increase their stats and add some special abilities. In Shadow Knight, equipment is divided into six rarity levels, including Normal (white), Rare (green), Excellent (blue), Unique (purple), Mythical (yellow), and Ultimate (orange). Players can find items by clearing the deck as well as opening it from a lucky Gacha chest (it costs money, of course). Equipment can be upgraded with enhanced stones or by items that players do not use.

On a side note, besides items that can be used together like armor, shoes, belts, hats, etc., weapons are specific to each character. Each character will own a unique weapon, and the player cannot take this character’s weapon to equip another character.

Game Modes

In addition to the main story mode, Shadow Knight also has three other game modes: Escape mode, Survival mode, and Arena mode.

Escape mode includes challenging levels with different difficulty like Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. These levels give players resources such as gold and enhanced stones, which are essential materials for upgrading and increasing Shadows’ power.

Survival mode is where players show off their skills as well as their improvisation abilities. The mode is divided into many different turns with increasing difficulty. Each turn is a multitude of extremely ferocious monsters that constantly appear and attack the players. Players need to fight and accumulate points to bring handsome rewards.

Arena mode is a place to show off your skills to other powerful Shadows. The arena in Shadow Knight uses a random selection of opponents to challenge. If players win, they will earn points and increase their rankings on the leaderboard. Conversely, if players lose, they will be deducted points and reduced their ranking. At the end of the season, players will receive attractive rewards according to their tiers.

Audio and Graphics

The audio of Shadow Knight is slow, melodious but does not lack heroism and tragedy. When entering the normal levels, especially boss battles, the rhythm will be pushed up faster, creating a feeling of tension and drama. It is the dynamic sound effects of the game that make the game extremely attractive.

With graphics using black as the primary color, the game creates a dark, mysterious, but lovely feeling. Each level will almost be a completely new landscape. The Shadows are designed to have their own unique and beautiful features, as well as expressing the coolness and strength of each person. In particular, the dark tones make the skill effect even more beautiful and prominent.

Download Shadow Knight MOD APK for Android

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