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Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Mod is a game born for you to relieve stress. It’s not really a game, but just a place for you to try to torture a cloth dummy. You can do everything you like and use dozens of weapons to torture it, from knives, guns, electricity, predatory fish, bombs, cannons, and more. But this dummy will not stand still for you to hit, it can move around to create difficulty for the levels. So aim precisely to finish it off with a single weapon. The better you do, the higher the bonus points, from which more money to unlock new unique weapons. The game has dozens of levels to enjoy, your job is to act to poke fun at the dummy with a despicable smiling face. Make him angry, sad, or cry with your available weapons.

Download Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Mod – Take action to release all your anger

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick was created by publisher Playgendary Limited and is considered the most entertaining game on phones. You can play it all the time, especially when you are angry and want to find relief. Its gameplay is so simple that even children can play, but the attraction is not small at all. Images in the game are only dummies and pre-built 2D contexts for you to explore. But it brings joy from your tortures with dummies with various weapons. Simple gameplay, fun images, vivid sound. That’s what attracts gamers to this game.


Play your way

The game offers innovative action levels and allows gamers to play as they please. Your task in each level is to torture a dummy to score points with its screams. Once completed, you will unlock the next level with a wide selection of weapons. Just like that, your torture will become more and more interesting and from there all stress and anger will be released at any time.

You can make the dummy cry with piercing knives, a sharp hacksaw, an infinite gun, or even a giant bomb. Do everything you can to score high and accumulate bonus points to unlock more. But pay attention, aim accurately to hit the target, and not let the dummy escape easily. Your experience space will take place in a 2D enclosed room. It can be anything like a swimming pool, an office, a wooden wall, a shed, and more. But anywhere, as long as you have a weapon, you can play. Attack the dummy from all sides and watch his face change color.


Lots of unique weapons to try

I cannot count the number of weapons available in Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Mod. But at each level, gamers will have dozens of different weapon options. Besides, weapons will become more and more abundant as you level up. It can be knives, guns, alkalines, electricity, swords, grenades, or even thunder… Anything can do damage to dummies and get awesome screams. But each weapon will have its own advantages, thereby affecting the effectiveness of each action phase. For example, knives or guns do good damage but not as much as grenades or bombs. But sometimes, you just need to release carnivorous fish into the lake or teeth to hunt for dummy prey.

In general, it is up to your imagination and creativity to satisfy your anger. It’s simple, close but very addictive, I insist. Despite many elements of violence, this game was born with good intentions. Instead of taking your anger out on other people or objects around, come here and play with the poor dummy. It has no effect on you or your relationship no matter how you play. So this is the best way to release anger.


Vivid effects

In each action sequence, you will see various expressions of the Buddy dummy. He will be smiling at first but may wince, blush, be sad and cry after your crazy tortures. But rest assured, he will restore that smile in the following levels. So it’s like a way to encourage you to play more to solve this obnoxious dummy. The 2D contexts in the game are also very diverse, the weapon design is also quite realistic, creating a feeling of being close to everyday life. Besides, the sound from the character’s scream is also very lively.

Do not hesitate to immediately download Kick the Buddy: Second Kick Mod to your device and satisfy your passion for action. Take all your anger out on the Buddy dummy and exit the game in a happier mood. That’s what you find in the experience here, but sometimes it’s more than that. You’ll play with unique dummies and try out a variety of familiar weapons while exploring a variety of settings. Those are the things that millions of other gamers are also looking for.

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