ScarFall 1.6.82 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

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Download ScarFall APK now – Extreme survival shooter game!

Introduce about ScarFall

XSQUADS Games Team is a game publisher known for its survival shooter titles on mobile. In which, ScarFall is the most popular product. It can be played in both online and offline modes. This makes a difference between it and the two most popular survival games, PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.

The following article will give an overview of ScarFall. You can follow and decide to download the game after that.


Overall, ScarFall has similar gameplay and controls to PUBG Mobile. You will control the character through a series of virtual keys mounted in two corners of the screen, fighting against others in a map with the aim of becoming the last survivor.

ScarFall gameplay

Some comments from players that, ScarFall is a game based on PUBG Mobile. Part of that is true, but not really. ScarFall also has its own interesting features. When you start the game, you can control the plane to move to the area you want to land. Survival is reduced, more towards shooting properties when you have up to three lives and revive every time someone shoots down.

ScarFall also has shortcuts to shoot when detecting enemies. However, you can set it to automatically fire when you aim precisely at the target.

Lastly, the number of players in each match is reduced only 50, instead of 100. This reduces the time for each game, only about 10 minutes, which is quite suitable for you to experience at halftime.


ScarFall has become even more prominent when it comes to providing players with more options for a survival experience. First of all, you can play in online mode, fight against opponents in Asia, or Europe, depending on your location.

ScarFall mod apk

In other cases, if you want to practice more before the actual battle, or simply you are offline, you can play offline, with AI bots from the system. Of course, you can choose from three levels: easy, medium and hard. On the easy level, the bots are pretty dumb, and they seem really bad at aiming. On difficult levels, the bot is smarter when it comes to choosing cover positions and attacks you by surprise. If your level is not good enough, you should experience the lower levels.

In addition, you can also customize play solo or in a team. Each mode has its own characteristics, but personally I think teamwork is more fun, and challenges are also higher.

There are two modes to play, including Battle Royale and Arcade. In Battle Royale, you can choose Classic or Survival mode. Their gameplay and rules are mostly the same. Survival mode is a bit different when the time limit is 15 minutes.

With Arcade, you can choose from game modes such as Gun Battles, Death Match and Maze of War. Among them, only Duel of Death is team play, with a time limit of 5 minutes, including the revive element.

Mission system and achievements

Every day, ScarFall updates the mission system. You can execute them and receive rewards like money and equipment. They are easy to do, like doing three battles, killing 15 enemies or getting the top 1 twice.

Next to that is an achievement system. Your achievements will be recognized at various levels, such as achieving Multi-Kill or Triple-Kill. Achievement rewards are also fun, including experience cards, items, and gift boxes.


ScarFall has a diverse weapon system, ranging from pistols, machine guns, rifles, shotguns and snipers. Each type has about 10-15 patterns, and the default they are locked. You can unlock them in the future when you reach the required level or have enough money to rent.

ScarFall weapons

In general, each gun has 4 stats, including fire rate, reload speed, firepower and weight. These four indicators directly affect the effectiveness of the match. If you play in solo survival mode, with a wide map, you can have a machine gun with less recoil, or some kind of long-range sniper gun. If you are teaming up in entertainment mode, rifles and shotguns are a great choice!

Download ScarFall APK for Android

Although ScarFall is seen as a remake of PUBG Mobile, it has its own distinct features that PUBG doesn’t have. And that is what makes ScarFall its own identity, along with the love of gamers. Now you can download this game, and experience the harsh battle for survival!

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