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Are you looking for a fun and easy-to-play puzzle game? Save the Doge Mod is an interesting option that you should not miss. This game gives you hundreds of levels with a single mission: save the dog from the bad bees. To do this, you need to show your drawing talent and intellect. Draw logical lines to prevent the dog from swarms of bees and dangerous terrain. If you win, you will get the corresponding number of diamonds. Moreover, you will see the dog’s happy face when passing the level. Are you ready yet?

Download Save the Doge Mod – Draw your way to rescue the dog

This simple puzzle game has attracted millions of players. That is why you can rest assured of its attractiveness. There are hundreds of levels that can be unlocked in this game. Each level makes a context and a situation but has many different solutions. How you deal with it is up to you. You will demonstrate your drawing and reasoning skills to solve problems. Your goal in each level is to protect the dog from the bees. But you need to draw with the least amount of ink to earn up to 3 stars in each level.


Show your creativity and wisdom

Each level in this game will have 4 main characters. Firstly, it’s an adorable dog face. Second, it’s a hive containing a swarm of mean bees that are plotting to bite your dog. Next are platforms with many types of terrain, such as soil, grass, lava, and water … Finally, you will see a clock counting down from 10 to 1. That is the maximum time for each game screen. You will interact with these 4 to complete each level and score points.

So how will you interact with them? First, you must draw logical lines to create a defense and protect your dog. After completing the drawing step, the bees will continuously attack the protective barrier. If your strokes are firm enough and stay still for 10 seconds, you win and the dog is safe. On the contrary, if your defense is not secure, the dog will be bitten by the bee and lose. Besides, if you draw too many lines, you can’t get 3 stars (highest achievement).


Lots of different situations

Save the Doge Mod has hundreds of levels, and each level is an interesting situation. The position of the objects will change through the levels, providing endless freshness. You will need different plans to conquer each level. For instance, you can draw lines, curves, circles, zig-zags, and more. Any type of drawing is acceptable as long as you can protect your dog. In other words, there are no limits here so be creative your way.

Because creativity has no limits, you can think of hundreds of different solutions to each puzzle. Besides, the position of objects will change through the levels, so you can take advantage of them in many ways. Your defense will be stronger when drawn against hard objects, such as ground, stones, hangers, etc. Also, consider the attack force of the bees before designing your fence. They can attack from all sides and shift the dog’s position. You need to know that for proper design considerations.


Unlock new skins

After each level, you will receive up to 5 diamonds if you win. You can accumulate them to unlock unique skins in the store. These skins are for your dog. There are dozens of different face styles and expressions that you can unlock. They will have no special skills but promise to bring new sensations. So hunt for unique skins to refresh your puzzle experience. If you want to earn more diamonds, please take the time to watch the ads.


Fun background music, bright visuals

This game will help you relax during the puzzle process. That’s thanks to the fun cartoon design style. The images in the game are simple but very close and funny. The game’s background is bright and full of colorful colors, making it comfortable to watch. Moreover, cheerful music will inspire and stimulate your concentration when solving puzzles.

Don’t hesitate to join Save the Doge Mod now! This game will delight you with super funny puzzles. This is also an opportunity for you to show your wisdom in dealing with different situations. Apply wisdom to each line you draw on the screen. Your only goal is to help the lovely dog ​​avoid dangerous bees.

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