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Those who are interested in the interesting FPS multiplayer gameplay will surely be satisfied with this great Rules of Survival title
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Those who are interested in the interesting FPS multiplayer gameplay will surely be satisfied with this great Rules of Survival title. Epic shooting gameplay offers exciting and fun experiences that allow Android gamers to fully immersed into the action. Enjoy exciting matches, where you’ll join your friends and online players from around the world in this epic shooting challenge.

Discover Battle Royale’s unique and new gameplay as you experience this amazing game from NetEase Games. Deep into great shooting challenges with tactical gameplay. Pick up your guns from a huge collection. Explore unique and interesting environments in different maps. Join many fun challenges with Rules of Survival.

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The story

After the hype of PUBG, you can find a bunch of different Battle Royale games being featured on mobile platform. And here you will have the opportunity to enjoy epic shooting games with friends and gamers from around the world. Playing in various actions and in-game challenges with great group matches or solo battles.

Rules of Survival MOD APK

Immerse yourself in great shooting challenges with various types of guns and weapons as you engage in top notch shooting battles with the classic elements of the Battle Royale gameplay. And at the same time, have fun with these exciting shooting challenges that allow you to enjoy unique gameplay with incredible mechanisms. Get on more awesome machines and robots as you fight in your Battle Royale battles in a much more entertaining way.

Featured characteristics

Here, you’ll find all the fun features the game offers:

Enjoying the classic Battle Royale gameplay

To kick it off, Android gamers in Rules of Survivals will find themselves having access to the classic Battle Royale experience. Here, you can join up with up to 100 other players in a single match where you can challenge each other to win an absolute title by being the finalist. Knock out your opponents when you knock out each player on the map in great gun fights.

Discover the beautiful environments around you, collect certain gears and weapons, join many shooting challenges with other players and most importantly, try to survive until the end of the game to you can become a champion. Since like every other Battle Royale game, the death circle will appear when you’ve been in the game long enough.

Big map with many aspects

In addition, Rules of Survivals players will also have a chance to have fun with the epic gameplay of FPS shooting game while enjoying a massive in-game map with intensive design. Explore vast landscapes with different types of terrain. Challenge your opponent to multiple shooting actions, from direct gunfight to remote sniping.

Rules of Survival MOD APK

And most importantly, with various maps with diverse settings to enjoy, Rules of Survival allows Android gamers to completely sink into action. And everytime you play games, there will also be new lands and experiences for you to explore.

Enjoy the game with your teammates or go alone

For those you’re interested, you can also have fun with the incredible gameplay of Rules of Survival when participating in the final in-game challenges. Become the Last Man standing in the entire map by knocking out the last players. Or play in team mode and knock out all enemy teams to win. With a maximum of 120 survivors in each battle, you’ll find yourself sinking into a lot of fun and excitement during your game.

Variety of handguns and accessories to choose from

Also, to make the game more interesting, Rules of Survival gamers will also find themselves approached with various types of guns and accessories, each one has its own uses and unique power. Just roaming around surrounding areas as you look for new items and accessories. Pick up the essentials and get in the ring while you try to survive. Take advantage of the right spoils and potentially to gain advantage over your enemies.

Up multiple vehicles when you explore different terrains

Along with epic gunfight, the gamers in Rules of Survivals will also experience top-notch racing experiences, in which you can choose vehicles and participate in your final journeys. Challenge your opponents to epic chases across different landscapes, and even perform races to the sky or to the water.

Rules of Survival MOD APK

With a huge collection of different vehicles, including coasters, boats and even great robots, you might find yourself happy with the ultimate driving challenges in Rules of Survivals. Wishing you fun riding on multiple terrains and driving on great cars.

Simple and visual touch control

To make the game more interesting and accessible, the gamer in Rules of Survival will also find himself enjoying the comfortable and intuitive touch controls. That means, the game effectively combined both gesture and simple touch control. This allows gamers to easily navigate their characters and easily make their moves against their enemies. Quickly change your weapon and monitor your area with simple controls. You’ll find the game a great game to enjoy, especially with effective controllers similar to Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile.

Great interface and customizations to include in your characters

For those you’re interested, Rules of Survival players can also customize their in-game characters with various options. Feel free to change their look when you wear them new hats, clothes, shoes, pants and specials. Dress on certain topics as you go and earn yourself the respect of others just by personalizing your characters.

Play for free

For those interested in, the game is now free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile device. All it takes is that you can download and install the game on Google Play Store without paying any fees.

Wishing you fun with the modified way of playing on the website

To make things more interesting, the gamers in Rules of Survival will also find themselves having access to the revised version of the game. This offers complete gameplay and unlocked features that allow gamers to fully immersed their in-game experience. And all you need to do is download and install APK Rules of Survival Mod on our website.

Graphics and sound quality


For those of you interested, the game introduces Android gamers to great visual experiences with beautiful firefightings and shots. And at the same time, precision and interesting physics also make the game a lot more interesting and attractive, especially when you find yourself rolling into shooting game experiences.

Rules of Survival MOD APK

Not to mention that the giant environment and the works in the atmosphere also make the game exceptionally interesting. Plus, adjustable images also allow players to customize their in-game experience the way they want.

Sound of the song

Along with powerful images, the game also has great sound effects with a great sound experience. Here, you can get completely immersed into the shooting gameplay with powerful background music, great sound effects, etc. All combined to make the game an absolute blast to enjoy.

How to Install APK Rules of Survival Mod

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Download APK Rules of Survival Mod Apk free for Android

For those of you interested in Garena Free Fire’s interesting Battle Royale gameplay and those of you, you’ll surely find Rules of Survival particularly interesting. That means, great multiplayer FPS challenges will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest, especially when you can also entertain with our modified version of the game , it’s totally free.

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