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Are you a fan of famous PUBG game on PC? Looking for a new and more exciting game on your mobile device, but don’t want to experience the same old settings in previous games? After that, you’ll definitely find Rocket Royale a great FPS title to enjoy on your mobile device, in which, gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy the game in a much more entertaining approach.

Enjoy the fun of Rocket Royale’s wonderful world as you explore and experience the unique world of PvP Battle Royale gameplay. Find yourself in a new world with unique art style, great mechanism and most importantly, feel free to enjoy the fun of many new features in the game you can’t find on any What other mobile game title.

Find out more about this great game from GameSpire LTD with our reviews.

The story

In-game, Android gamers will find themselves participating in a brand new FPS challenge, inspired by classic Battle Royale elements. Here, you’ll join other players from around the world for exciting online matches. Find yourself lost in a strange island without any supplies or weapons, roaming the lands as you look for new spoils, equipped and ready to start my own survival adventure.

And instead of fleeing Ring of Death while knocking others out to be the only survivors, Rocket Royale gamers will try to build your rocket to escape the island before carpet events crying happens and eliminates all forms of life on it. Seek resources from across the island as well as plunder other players to collect important parts. Finish your rocket before the deadly storm approaches and sweeps everything in its way.

And at game time, gamers can also collect wooden pieces and other construction materials from all over when they create their fortresses to protect the missiles. Get involved in exciting shooting games and build a pretty similar experience to Creative Destruction and Respawnables.

Featured characteristics

Here you will find all the great features the game offers:

Enjoying the unique and new Battle Royale gameplay

To kick it off, Rocket Royale Android gamers will find themselves accessible to Battle Royale’s unique gameplay. Here, you will be introduced to many interesting features and ways to play with new mechanisms and in-game elements. That means, you’ll be participating in exciting rocket making challenges, where players will try to build their new rockets and escape the dying island. Instead of fighting each other to survive, you will now find each other in the hunt for essential spoils as well as tactical fights to acquire important resources.

Having fun with the environment is totally destructive

And to make things even more interesting, Rocket Royale gamers will also explore the completely destructive environments that won’t have a safe place for you to hide. And when the game comes to the last minute, dozens of wars will break out and only the best warriors can survive and escape the island. Also, when knocking down structures and objects, you can also unlock a variety of interesting items and spoils.

Fabricating and building all kinds of interesting works

For those of you interested, the game also allows players to build many interesting construction and defense systems to protect you from enemy attacks. Feel free to create more defenses with collected resources and items so you can be safe against the enemy’s attack. And at the same time, protect your rockets by building fortresses and defense around them. But with gameplay of total destruction, nowhere is completely safe for you to hide. So you either keep building or going out and meeting your enemies in person.

Wishing you fun with online competitive shoulders and fast pace

With deep into exciting Rocket Royale challenges, gamers will have the opportunity to quickly join their online matches with up to 25 real players. Have fun playing solo or enjoying great battles with your teammates. Enjoy tactical-oriented game as you knock out enemies while still being vigilant before any attack on your rocket. Not to mention that you will also need to look for resources around without being detected by others, which requires certain approaches for each situation.

Make friends and connect with others whenever you want

And when you enjoy this amazing Battle Royale experience on your mobile device, you will find yourself meeting many interesting gamers from around the world. Here, you can freely make friends and let them join you in future matches. Connect with your friends through your friends list and have fun whenever you have time.

Great items and weapons to pick up

Along with the tactical survival gameplay and captivating shooting, Rocket Royale gamers will also have the opportunity to enjoy tons of cool items and participate in epic battles with great weapons. Use traps to knock out enemies with styles or fight them directly in epic gunfights. Collect all kinds of useful equipment and items to support you in your survival journey. You’ll find your arsenal matching the Pixel Gun 3 D arsenal and something similar.

Big open world map

And last but not least important, the game also has a wide open world map, which, you can fully get into the game as well as explore vast landscapes. This allows for many great approaches and opportunities for players. Feel free to check around when you land for the first time without fearing people sniping you before you can do anything. And as the map gets smaller by the end, the game will heat up and satisfy those of you looking for some action.

Play for free

For those interested in, the game is now free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile device. That means it’s pretty easy to download and install it from the Google Play Store without paying any amount.

Having fun with unlimited money in our mod

And although there’s no denying it’s fun and interesting, the game is still a free game title. As a result, gamers are still bound by advertising and in-game purchases, which can be quite annoying. As a result, you might want to entertain the game completely unlocked on our revised Rocket Royale version. With it, you can enjoy unlimited money, advertisement-free experiences, unlocked gameplay and more. You just need to download and install APK Rocket Royale Mod from our website.

Graphics and sound quality


To get started, Android gamers in Rocket Royale will find themselves approached with smooth gameplay and satisfied with high FPS settings, stunning images and aesthetic images. All combined to bring a much more immersive and enjoyable experience on your mobile device. Also, with perfect graphics, you’ll definitely find the game a great game to enjoy on most of your low-level devices.

Sound of the song

Along with powerful graphics, Rocket Royale gamers will also enjoy great sounds and immersive music in the game. That means, great sound will allow you to be completely attracted to the game.

The last thought

For those of you who are interested in shooting gameplay and want to find yourself a great mobile game to enjoy on your Android device, Rocket Royale can definitely satisfy you. Unique and fun Battle Royale gameplay makes the game stand out compared to other game titles while the game is completely unlocked and modified on our website that will let you enjoy the game in the fullest way.

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